YG releases Blackpink Lisa’s ‘Money’ dance video, but does not promote it in the United States.


YG Entertainment tried to pacify Lillies (aka Lisa fans) with a dance performance video for her track ‘Money’ but her angry fans want more

Fans of K-pop groups know how important it is that their activities are promoted globally by all the teams involved in the publicity blitz around each album, even if they are solo projects by group members. This ensures these artists get the global recognition they deserve. With Blackpink’s Lisa releasing her first solo single album with ‘Lalisa’, the album was an overnight success despite the meagre promotion it received, limited to South Korea alone. The same cannot be said for Lisa’s B-side track from the album, ‘Money’.

Lisa’s fans, both Lillies as well as many Blinks, have asked many questions about why Blackpink’s label, YG Entertainment, has done so little in terms of promoting their artists, especially Blackpink members for their respective solo projects. There was massive outrage when Lisa was stopped from attending Paris Fashion Week despite her being in France at the time while other members of Blackpink attended their respective events to promote their brands. Since then, fans of Lisa have been keeping their eagle eyes on YG Entertainment to make them change their ways. The label has recorded a huge fall in their stocks since fans decided to punish the label for ‘mistreating’ Lisa.

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Dance performance video for ‘Money’

Now that YG Entertainment has upset Lisa fans so much about their mismanagement of Lisa and wasting her time in Paris, the label has dropped more promotional content to pacify enraged fans. On October 10, YG Entertainment released the performance video for Lisa’s B-side track, ‘Money.’ The video started doing extremely well on Blackpink’s YouTube channel with over 6 million views on it under 17 hours since its release.

Fans started talking about how amazingly Lisa did in the video as she and the dance crew performed the song with so much energy and confidence that comments on the video saw one fan saying, “She is an asset. She can actually establish her own empire. That is why YG didn’t allow her to go alone in a big event because YG is scared to lose her,” while another said, “Lisa is the next generation kpop idol. She is ultimately talented. Her dancing talent is unstoppable. Her flexes are breath taking. She truly is a futuristic k-pop artist, and my role model.”

Watch Lisa do the ‘Money’ dance here:

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