Years later, a teen bodybuilder who became famous for crushing massive weights is unrecognizable.


Years later, the teen bodybuilder who became famous for crushing massive weights is unrecognizable.

Tristyn Lee, a 15-year-old bodybuilder who went viral for crushing weights, is now unrecognizable in Instagram posts where he shares workout videos.

Five years after going viral after crushing weights in the gym, a teenbodybuilder is now unrecognizable in Instagram photos.

Tristyn Lee rose to fame after fans noticed his gladiator-like physique in videos he posted online.

The youngster hoped that clips of him showing off his impressive football skills at the age of 15 would attract scouts’ attention.

Instead, he received a barrage of comments encouraging him to pursue a career as a professional bodybuilder, and he’s since amassed over 2 million Instagram followers.

Bradley Martyn, Simeon Panda, and Larry Wheels are just some of the big names in the bodybuilding industry who have worked out with the American teen.

Lee has changed dramatically in the last five years.

Lee posts a short video comparing his 15-year-old self to the bodybuilding machine he is today in a post captioned “Working out saved my life.”

A younger, slimmer Lee can be seen posing in a locker room in one still.

Lee goes on to say that he was teased because he was short, which gave him “no confidence” and caused him to feel anxious and depressed.

“I couldn’t find any other way out until I discovered bodybuilding.”

Five years later, Lee is as ripped as he’s ever been, and he credits bodybuilding with “saving him.”

“It’s not about shirtless selfies in the mirror,” he said.

It’s about the times when the dumbbells are there for you when no one else is.

“Whether you’re bullied or beaten up at school, the gym is always there, and that’s what kept me alive, one rep at a time,” she says.

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He credits his shredded physique to three years of not eating sugar and sticking to a high-protein keto diet with no cheat meals.

“This is a message to anyone thinking about beginning their fitness journey,” he continued.

Accept the blows, the criticism, and the many times you will fall down.”

Lee says he goes to the gym at least twice a day and follows a strict diet plan.


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