Xbox Series X stock alert: This Christmas, the Microsoft console may become even more difficult to obtain.


Xbox Series X stock alert: This Christmas, the Microsoft console could become even more difficult to obtain.

The Xbox Series X is still in high demand, with restocks selling out quickly whenever new stock arrives in the UK. And the in-demand Microsoft console could become even more difficult to obtain in the run-up to the busy Christmas shopping season.

If you want one before Christmas, you’ll have to act quickly when the next restock becomes available.

The Xbox Series X is one of the hot products that may be in short supply this Christmas, according to a major online retailer.

In the run-up to Black Friday 2021, AO World warned that a worldwide shortage of computer chips, combined with supply chain issues, could make products like the Xbox Series X scarce.

This year, Amazon UK has been one of the major retailers accepting Xbox Series X orders.

Unlike the PS5, you don’t need Amazon Prime to place an order.

While this makes Xbox Series X orders more accessible to a wider range of customers, it also means that stock may sell out quickly, so act quickly.

If you want to keep an eye on the stock situation, add the Xbox Series X to your Amazon wish list.

In 2021, Very also had restocks of the Xbox Series X.

The online retailer has been known to accept orders for the Xbox Series X console alone, as well as bundles that include games, accessories, and a Game Pass subscription.

The Xbox Series X is available at Very for £449.99.

In 2021, GAME has proven to be one of the best places to buy a next-generation console.

During previous GAME restocks, Xbox Series X standalone consoles and bundles were available for purchase.

If you want to spread out the cost of your Xbox Series X purchase, Xbox Series X All Access is a good option.

With this program, you can pay for your new Xbox in monthly installments.

You also get everything you need to get started gaming on your Series X, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate access.

GAME and Argos, like with the PS5, have been the two heavyweights when it comes to Xbox Series X restocks this year.

The availability of the Xbox Series X is determined by your location.

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