– writer and former BBC broadcaster Bernard Bale back on the wireless


HERALD writer and former BBC broadcaster Bernard Bale is returning to radio with an exciting new Saturday evening show on Box Office Radio.

Box Office Radio has only been on air for six months but has already attracted a vast number of regular listeners and has been described as the ‘Classic FM of the entertainment world’.

Box Office Radio station manager Josh Haywood explained, “We set up the station by popular demand as there are so many people who love the world of theatre, film and, of course, television and enjoy the music and songs that are both modern and from past decades.

“The joy of hearing music from La La Land alongside Fred Astaire, the film theme music from Ben Hur right through to the favourites of today are all magical and let’s not forget to ‘Look for the Bear Necessities’.

“That is what Box Office Radio is all about – broadcasting 24/7 the very best, favourite music from the world of entertainment.

“We are thrilled with to have Bernard join us – he is an experienced broadcaster with a vast knowledge of the entertainment world and an enormous number of contacts. Who else could have had Vera Lynn, Norman Wisdom and Ken Dodd all on the same show? He did – and his new show Encore! With Bernard Bale will not only have great music, fun and lots of inside stories but also very special celebrity guests.”

Bernard is equally delighted to be going back on air.

“I must admit that even though I still write for countless magazines and people and I am editor of Encore! magazine and involved in publishing businesses I have missed broadcasting. For nearly a year now my theatre show and talks gigs have had to be put on ice so it will nice to be back out there on Box Office Radio to share with its many listeners – at least, I hope I don’t put them off!

“I have been talking to some people I know to come on the show and everyone of them has willingly accepted and some are already fans of Box Office Radio.

“We start on Saturday, February 13 at 8pm. I know what the first piece of music is going to be and I know who will be our special guest on the first show – you don’t have to buy a ticket and you can park yourself at home – might be an idea to get a box of chocolates in though!”

How can you listen? Go to boxofficeradio.co.uk for details .


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