‘Write something upbeat!’ Piers Morgan retaliates after being accused of ‘targeting people.’


‘Write something upbeat!’ Piers Morgan retaliates after being accused of ‘targeting people.’

After being accused of “targeting people” and told to avoid bad pieces, PIERS MORAGN admitted he’s written a lot of nice columns in the last year or so.

Piers Morgan, 57, can’t seem to do anything right these days for doing wrong, but he’s never at a loss for words when others call him out. After being accused of “targeting black women” in his Daily Mail columns, the controversial host, of course, had a smart retort ready, and he wasted no time in letting it be known.

Relax, I’ve written over 300 positive columns as well.

Piers Morgan is a British journalist.

Piers revealed a breakdown of his recent essays, demonstrating that the focus was more on white males than black women.

“Twitter wokies have accused me of ‘targeting black women’ in my @DailyMail pieces, indicating I’m racist,” he wrote on Twitter.

“As a result, I conducted some research.”

“Of the 300 critical pieces I’ve published, here is the breakdown of my ‘targets:’” he explained. 170 for white men, 70 for white women, 30 for black males, 30 for black women.”

Someone quickly responded with a snarky joke, advising the former Good Morning Britain host to create more uplifting material.

“Why are you constantly ‘targeting’?” They inquired.

“Write something nice instead of using shooting all the time!

“Do you think you’ll be able to handle it?” With a grin on their faces, they said, “Just an idea.”

Piers was quick to respond with an excuse: “Relax, I’ve published 300-odd positive columns as well.”

“I’m a columnist who writes about both half-full and half-empty glasses.”

Others opted to join the conversation in the comments area, with one teasing: “300 odd positive columns. You did an excellent job. However, the knighthood will not be granted.”

“And where would one find any positive stuff from you, any positive content at all, much less 300-odd articles eyes#bully #misogyny?” grumbled another.

“If it bit you in the a*s, you wouldn’t know for sure. “I’m not taking any more jobs because [a]two-year-old is having a fit,” a third yelled.

“The only nice thing I’ve seen from you recently was your post-Wembley Coronavirus test,” a fourth laughed.

Others, on the other hand, were on his side.

“Heh. Funny. I pay attention to you because I believe you are quite objective in your assessments. “There aren’t many of them these days,” one said.

“And the actual expertise comes right in the middle of the two,” said another. Please return to television as soon as possible; we miss you!”

“Meh, positive tweets are tedious,” says the author. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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