WOW facial: This treatment provides a level of customization that is unrivaled.


WOW facial: This treatment provides a level of customization that is unrivaled.

A FACIAL can be both a luxury and a targeted therapy, and some great alternatives combine the two. The WOW facial is a six-step treatment that targets your individual needs while also feeling like a treat.

I turned to a facial to give my complexion a much-needed boost after nearly a year of on-and-off lockdowns and no skin-boosting holiday in sight. The WOW facial promised to solve my skin problems in six steps, but what did each step entail?

Before my therapist prepped my skin with a specially developed active cleanser, each step of the treatment was described.

This was to begin the exfoliating process and prepare my skin for the resurfacing peel that would follow.

I felt pampered and relaxed, and my skin felt clean without the tightness that comes with cleansing.

In the second portion of the treatment, the first aspect of customization is introduced.

Before beginning the treatment, the therapist discussed my specific skin concerns and determined that an active peel would best address my needs.

This was administered while I laid back with my eyes closed, allowing it to do its work.

With the use of the WOW skin needling device, the treatment became even more personalized.

This small gadget was used to apply a specific skincare mixture to the skin. I didn’t get the redness that comes with a conventional micro needling treatment because of its small size, but I did love the collagen stimulation.

I only experienced discomfort once, on the skin above my lips, and I chose not to have it applied to my lips because the skin there is considerably more sensitive.

The LED mask treatment was next, which was Instagram-worthy.

These futuristic masks may have been all over your social media feeds, but they aren’t a gimmick.

The various LED light colors address various skin issues. I went with red to boost cell regeneration and blood circulation for a healthy, glowing appearance.

The WOW mask was then applied, which can be purchased for use at home.

After the LED treatment, I applied the cooling sheet mask, which infused my skin with peptides and hydration stem cells.

Finally, an eye cream was applied to the delicate skin around the eyes, as well as an SPF50 sunscreen.

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