‘Wouldn’t be here this morning,’ says the narrator. Co-star of Jeremy Vine remembers a “terrifying” bicycle accident.


‘Wouldn’t be here this morning,’ says the narrator. Co-star of Jeremy Vine remembers a “terrifying” bicycle accident.

Storm Huntley, JEREMY VINE’S co-star on the Channel 5 show, opened out about a horrible encounter on one of London’s highways on Tuesday, admitting she narrowly escaped nearly certain death following a collision while riding her bike.

On his self-titled Channel 5 show on Tuesday, Jeremy Vine and Storm Huntley were joined by Jacqui Smith and Olivia Utley to examine the latest stories and talking points. Following a clip Jeremy shared that went viral on Twitter, the show began with a discussion on cycling on busy and country roads. Storm, on the other hand, openly confessed that she was “fortunate” to be alive, recalling a terrible crash while cycling home from the London studio just a few days before.

The discussion on bicycles and road safety erupted just days after the Channel 5 host sparked outrage on Twitter by releasing a video of a group of bikers on a remote road.

Jeremy triggered a social media debate and the video went viral after arguing that bicycles should be allowed to ride up to a four-person width on country roads and that drivers should be patient and not pass them.

Jeremy’s fans had mixed reactions to the video, but when Storm appeared on his Channel 5 show on Tuesday, she stressed the necessity of being extra attentive when checking for bicycles having been involved in a near-fatal crash just days before.

“Tell us what happened,” Jeremy urged to his co-star, who explained the incident using a map of the location.

“Basically, a car knocked me over or knocked me off my bike,” she explained. “Cycling home from work was somewhat terrifying.”

“You had me sauntering down there, quite the thing, thinking: ‘Isn’t cycling simply wonderful?’” Storm said, pointing to the route in question.

“Then it gets to this point where the light is green and I’m thinking I can still drive on. As she drew a straight line down the road, she said, “Wanting to go this way is the route I’m wanting to go.”

“However, the automobile next to me had different plans,” Storm explained. “I’m not sure where it was in terms of alignment with me since the first time I see it, it’s around here.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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