‘Worst year of my life,’ says the narrator. Gary Hollywood, star of Mrs Brown’s Boys, discusses the show’s repercussions.


‘Worst year of my life,’ says the narrator. Gary Hollywood, star of Mrs Brown’s Boys, discusses the show’s repercussions.

Following suspicions of a salary disagreement with the program’s creator and co-star Brendan O’Carroll, Gary Hollywood has opened out about the “worst year of his life” after departing popular BBC drama Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Gary Hollywood, 40, of Mrs Brown’s Boys, has called the last 12 months the “worst year of his life,” saying that his departure from the BBC show has “taken its toll” on him. The actor, who played Dino Doyle in the sitcom, did not appear in the show’s Christmas special last year, citing “personal reasons” at the time, according to Brendan O’Carroll, the show’s creator and Agnes Brown actress.

I’ve been depressed – one thing led to another.

Gary Hollywood is a well-known actor and producer

The star endured a slew of heartbreaks last year, which he described as the “worst year of his life.”

Not only did his older brother Gerard pass away, but the actor and his partner Cherylanne also had to deal with a “traumatic” birth when their son Ollie arrived one month early, causing him to become jaundiced and placed in an incubator.

Gary’s absence from the Christmas special of Mrs Brown’s Boys in December sparked rumors that he and Brendan had fallen out over a salary disagreement.

Gary remarked of his terrible year, “It’s undoubtedly been the worst year of my life.”

“I’ve been depressed – one thing led to another.”

“As a man, you’re told to ‘man up,’ which makes things worse,” he continued.

“Things are changing, however,” he remarked with optimism.

Gary’s brother Gerard died tragically last year, but the actor stated that the tragedy has brought him and his family closer after meditating on it.

The actor revealed that his 50-year-old brother had two heart attacks shortly after receiving the all-clear from Covid.

Gary and his family moved in with his parents after his devastating loss to keep them company.

Gary went on to describe how his fourth son was born a month early to OK! Magazine, calling it a “difficult” birth for his partner.

“He [Ollie] arrived a month early and weighed just over 5 pounds,” he claimed. We couldn’t hug him since he was jaundiced and in an incubator, which was awful.

“But he’s doing well today, and that’s the most important thing,” he continued.

The Mrs Brown’s Boys star, on the other hand, upset fans eight months ago after he. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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