‘Works for me every time!’ Mrs. Hinch fans share a one-pound tip for removing ants from lawns.


‘Works for me every time!’ Mrs. Hinch fans share a one-pound tip for removing ants from lawns.

A £1 trick for getting rid of ants from garden lawns has been shared by gardening aficionados. Mrs. Hinch’s supporters claim that the strategy “always works.”

Garden lawns can be destroyed by ants, especially if they are nesting. While ants are helpful to the ecosystem of your garden, too many of them can be a nuisance. Mrs. Hinch’s fans have now revealed their favorite ant-repelling product.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to prominence after sharing her cleaning and organizing suggestions on social media and television.

She now has over 4.1 million Instagram followers.

Her fans have started their own social media groups to share cleaning, organizing, and gardening advice.

One person questioned how they can get rid of their ants in a club dedicated to giving gardening advice.

“Can we talk about ants?” they inquired. Could someone please tell me a tried and true method of getting rid of them?

“I have a large rear garden that is primarily turf, and the ants are wreaking havoc on it.

“I have two young children who like playing in the garden, but these pests are preventing them from doing so.

“I have black, flying, and red ants, so any suggestions are welcome.”

Fans flooded the article with comments, with the most prevalent suggestion being to use talc.

“They won’t cross a white line,” one individual stated.

“So talc or chalk on the paving will keep them at bay…

However, they might be able to dodge it by climbing up a fence!”

“Talc powder always works for me,” another person stated.

“Talc or baby powder,” offered a third.

“Talc powder always works for me,” wrote a fourth.

Another person stated, “They despise talcum powder.”

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Talc is available for £1 at Wilko and £1.50 at Boots.

Beer, Elbow Grease, Nippon, and borax were among the other suggestions made by users.

“I put beer in an open tube, and they climb in and die,” one individual stated.

“It’s also good for slugs. Every Friday, I replace it.”

“I used Elbow Grease spray,” another user replied.

“It kills them quickly, but then sprinkles powder on the ground so they may take it back to their nest.”

“I found the Nippon ant bait stations to be really successful, but they only last a few weeks, so you have to keep refilling them,” a third person stated.

“They return to Brinkwire Summary News with the poison inside.”


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