Working in the studio, Michael Jackson was’so generous and patient’ – ‘encouraging and sweet.’


Working in the studio, Michael Jackson was’so generous and patient’ – ‘encouraging and sweet.’

In an exclusive interview with This website, songwriting collaborator Glen Ballard says that Michael Jackson was “extremely generous and patient” in the studio when working on Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous.

Glen Ballard is most known for his work on Michael Jackson’s studio albums Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous, most notably co-writing Man in the Mirror. Now, the late star’s lyricist and song producer has shared his studio recollections of him. It all started when Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton gave Glen his big break on Thriller.

“I was only a young songwriter and they liked my songs,” Glen said when promoting Back to the Future the Musical, for which he created the lyrics and music alongside Alan Silvestri. I ended up working with them on a George Benson single called Give Me the Night in 1980.

“I worked on the film Thriller.” I created a song for Thriller that didn’t make the album, and Michael and I recorded a small demo of it at Westlake Studios.

“Then Michael Jackson came in the next week with two new songs. The first was Billie Jean, and the second was Beat It.

“As a result, they took my little song off the record.” But, you know, I never complained because the other two songs were so much better!” Do you like to hear the latest music from your favorite artists? To listen to limitless music on Amazon Music, sign up for a free 30-day trial at this link. Despite this, Glen stayed on for Michael Jackson’s Bad album in 1987, and was fortunate enough to have a Billboard No. 1 success with Man in the Mirror.

“It’s one of the greatest weeks of my life to have Michael and the choir, and we all sensed something extraordinary was occurring on that record,” the 68-year-old added.

“It was just a stroke of luck that I was there and had the opportunity to work with Quincy.” I worked with him for three years as a staff producer.

“I was working with the best musicians, singers, and studios in the world.” For me, it was like a dream come true.” “I don’t think I slept for nearly a decade because I was so glad to be working, you know,” Glen continued. “Michael was extremely giving with his time and with his,” he said of working with Jackson in the studio. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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