Working from home is a “wonderful thing,” according to Alan Sugar, who is praising it in the wake of the Covid case.


In the wake of the Covid case, Alan Sugar hails working from home as a “wonderful thing.”

As Covid cases of Omicron continue to rise, ALAN SUGAR revealed that working from home is a “wonderful thing” for him.

On Wednesday’s The One Show, Lord Alan Sugar and new associate Tim Campbell discussed the new series with Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas.

Tim and Alan both touched on the current climate of working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic before giving viewers a sneak peek into what they can expect from the new series.

Working from home has been “excellent” for Alan and Tim.

“Congratulations, of course, on (your) first Apprentice on the side of the boardroom table!” Alex said as he welcomed Alan and Tim to the show.

“But, of course, there’s been a lot of Covid news today, and a lot of talk about working from home, so you’re a fan now, aren’t you?” she asked Tim.

“I really am,” he replied. “I enjoy being at home; I have a wonderful wife who puts up with me and two wonderful children.”

“We’re very fortunate to have the space to do it; my heart breaks for those who don’t have the facilities, internet access, or patience to work from home; it’s extremely difficult for some people.”

“What about you, Lord Sugar, I’m sure you’ve had a lot of online meetings, are you a fan of them?” Jermaine inquired.

“Yeah, I think it’s, as time goes on and technology improves, even before Covid, we were always using things like Zoom and all that stuff for meetings within the company,” Alan agreed with Tim.

“I think it’s a fantastic tool, a wonderful thing, and you know how we can get together and see people face to face and look at their expressions.”

“To make sure they’re not pulling your leg and stuff like that, so yeah, no, it’s great.”

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement today that Plan B rules will remain in place in England, Lord Sugar and Tim have spoken out.

On New Year’s Eve, a record number of people – one in 15 – were diagnosed with COVID-19, prompting calls for tougher restrictions, similar to those in place in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, to relieve pressure on the NHS and prevent rising hospital admissions.

Working from home has a number of advantages.

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