Work-at-home hacks: The interior plant craze that could help you get more done.


Work from home hacks: The interior plant craze that could help you get more done.

WORKING FROM HOME CAN BE BORING AND EXHAUSTING, but there is one interior change that could improve your work ethic.

Houseplants can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, but how can they help you work more efficiently?

Houseplants are a great way to bring a little bit of nature into your home.

Indoor plants have a lot to offer, from better air quality to eye-catching foliage.

Scientific studies have even shown that they can increase productivity – but how does it work? This website spoke with Square Mile Farms experts to learn how they have implemented the trend with flexible office space provider Fora.

Since the outbreak, the importance of connecting with nature has become even more apparent.

Fighting the January blues while dealing with the difficulties of a makeshift working environment can be difficult to grasp as home working continues into the new year.

One simple trend – biophilia – makes balancing time outdoors and long working hours a breeze.

This office space trend, also known as vertical farming, has been shown to increase productivity in the workplace and is simple to implement.

“Wellbeing is at the heart of all of our flexible workspaces, which is why Fora partners with companies like Square Mile Farms, Planteria, and Bee1,” Katrina Larkin, co-founder and chief creative officer of Fora, said to This website.

“To nurture our residents’ happiness, health, and mental well-being, we curate beautiful, green spaces that are in tune with nature.”

“By doing so, you also increase productivity.”

While erecting elaborate living walls in your home may be out of the question, houseplants are the ideal small-scale solution to this organic interior trend.

The term “biophilia” refers to our natural affinity for nature and natural settings.

Biophilic design can be used in buildings to help people feel more connected to nature and enjoy all of the benefits that comes with it.

“In practice, this can include; the use of plants, maximising natural light, the use of natural materials, and striking features such as waterfalls and living walls,” Square Mile experts told this website.

This modern trend has been implemented in a number of Fora’s flexible offices throughout London, allowing employees to enjoy and consume organic produce.

Biophilic design works best in modern work environments.

Spaces with a high rate of activity and a high level of stress.

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