‘Won’t be a regular summer!’ says Simon Calder, whose ‘travel confidence has been completely wrecked.’


‘Won’t be a regular summer!’ says Simon Calder, whose ‘travel confidence has been completely wrecked.’

THE UK GOVERNMENT HAS INTRODUCED NEW RULES AFTER THE TRAVEL LIST WAS UPDATED THIS WEEK. Simon Calder, a travel specialist, came on the BBC today to issue a caution to holidaymakers.

Over the previous few months, travel restrictions have continued to shift. This has created uncertainty for many in the UK planning a summer vacation.

People who have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine and are returning from an amber list country will not be required to quarantine.

However, even if they have been double-jabbed, this restriction does not apply to persons returning from France.

Simon Calder spoke with the BBC on the recent adjustments.

The expert weighed in on the new “amber plus” set of rules, which will impose varying limits for countries on the same travel list.

“Who knows what other categories are on the horizon,” he said.

“To be honest, it appears that travel this summer is only for the brave and desperate.”

Travel rules are modified on a regular basis, and modifications are frequently made without notice.

Holidaymakers should not be surprised, according to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, because this has happened before.

The expert then went on to talk about how rapidly various travel modifications take effect.

He acknowledged that it has been made apparent that Britons will not be able to have a typical summer vacation.

Simon added, “Absolutely, the government has been clear in stating this isn’t going to be a usual summer.”

Nonetheless, the expert believes that many people will be surprised by the latest adjustments.

“However, just nine days ago, [the government]conveyed the notion that we could begin a race to the sun,” he continued.

“Now that they’ve discovered the regulations have fundamentally altered, many people are either canceling vacations or attempting to self-isolate.

“It’s really causing a lot of distress… With a feeling that they can’t possible have faith in any travel plans.

“The travel industry is simply stating that this latest step has completely damaged consumer confidence.”

Simon spoke on Good Morning Britain earlier this week to address other modifications to the travel lists.

He mentioned how “difficult” it is for Britons to travel right now.

“For the time being, Malta remains on the Government’s green list,” Simon remarked.

“However, it only goes to show the huge level of intricacy that almost any foreign journey entails.”


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