‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Demi Lovato revealed the romantic twist she wanted to see


In the run-up to Wonder Woman 1984, one of the biggest concerns fans had was Steve Trevor’s enigmatic return (Chris Pine).

The character lost his life in World War I in the first film. How could he reappear in the 1980s – seemingly the same age? Some fans of Wonder Woman were just pleased to see Diana (Gal Gadot) reunited with Steve.

But Demi Lovato decided to see the beginning of a new romance instead.

In theaters and on HBO Max, Wonder Woman 1984 was a major success.

Originally, “Wonder Woman 1984” was scheduled for a theatrical release in summer 2020.

But as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic raged on, Warner Bros. kept putting the movie out.

The studio finally transferred director Patty Jenkins’ film to Christmas Day.

But instead of a strictly conventional update, on December 25, Wonder Woman 1984 was made available to stream on HBO Max.

The superhero epic grossed more than $100 million in less than two weeks amid the still-widespread closure of theaters.

And, according to The Hollywood Reporter, about half of the HBO Max subscribers streamed the film on the website on its first day.

And as she, too, cozied up to watch Wonder Woman 1984, she expressed a very particular wish with fans for Lovato.

The road to success is not what you expect. See young Diana in action in this exclusive first look at the #WonderWoman1984 opening scene, theaters and HBO Max on December 25 pic.twitter.com/bcLYOIi9Kf- Wonder Woman 1984 (@WonderWomanFilm) December 15, 2020 The pandemic has struck ‘Wonder Woman 3’ harder than ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Demi Lovato spoke about how she imagined the love life of Diana.

There was a massive amount of excitement about the sequel after the success of 2017’s ‘Wonder Woman.’

But while several other fans were hoping to see a lot of plot and character beats, Lovato had just one love story she wanted to see at the end. On Jan. 1, Lovato announced in an Instagram story (via JustJared) that she hopes to see Diana Prince of Gal Gadot end up with Barbara Minerva aka Cheetah by Kristen Wiig.

I want Wonder Woman and Kristen Wiig to be together in this movie. Please let this be my happy lesbian ending for 2021,’ wrote the artist.

Sadly, in 1984, Wonder Woman didn’t go that direction. Instead, the romantic attention stayed on Steve’s feelings for Diana. Before finally coming face to face, she and Barbara became friends.

Yet it remains a strictly platonic relationship.

Forget Batman and Superman: The DCEU’s Justice League should be headed by Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

Might Patty Jenkins in Wonder Woman 3 go down this road?

Of course, Lovato is not the only fan who sees more in the “Wonder Woman 1984.” friendship between Diana and Barbara. In addition, the singer is far from the only one who wishes that Wonder Woman will seek a relationship with another woman.

Diana comes from an island made up solely of women, after all. There is reason to believe that the idea is not entirely new to her.

The director will have at least one more opportunity to tackle such a plot since Jenkins has signed on for Wonder Woman 3. It’s doubtful Pine will return for the next film.

And if Diana goes on to find love elsewhere, the next film might choose to make the wish of Lovato come true. It is unclear, however, if Wiig will return or whether fans saw the last of Cheetah.


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