Woman gets sores on her chin after catching cooties from kissing a man with stubble.


Woman gets sores on her chin after catching cooties from kissing a man with stubble.

Hannah, a “stubble survivor,” explains how she developed a serious rash after kissing a man with unusually pointed facial hair, with others speculating that it may have become infected.

From displaying her red chin blisters, which she said she received after kissing a man with scratchy stubble, a woman has freaked out the internet.

Hannah @hannahwitts42 demonstrates how her skin changes from slightly pink with a couple of hives or pimples to red, blistering, and leaking in a video.

She has her chin bandaged up so it can recover if the infection gets out of hand.

“I’ve been waiting to tell my story,” Hannah said in the caption of her TikTok video in response to another “stubble survivor.”

The video has received over 8 million views and thousands of comments since it was posted on November 10th (Wednesday).

Women who have experienced “beard burn” noted that it is caused by your skin’s sensitivity and the sharpness of your partner’s hair when they shave.

“This occurred to me during sorority rush in college; I told them I tumbled down the stairs face first,” one confessed.

“Ladies, we’ve been too lax with cooties for far too long,” someone other joked.

“I KNEW COOTIES WERE REAL,” wrote a third.

Another viewer joked, “Ma’am, I hope you were well compensated.”

Others speculated that the lesions were caused by impetigo, a contagious skin condition that causes blisters and sores, or a severe case of contact dermatitis.

According to the NHS, if you have impetigo, you can go to your doctor and get antibiotic cream or even antibiotic tablets to help you heal faster.

Impetigo affects skin that has already been damaged, such as from eczema or abrasions after kissing someone with a razor-sharp beard.

This comes after a sex survey revealed that straight women rated guys with beards as the “best in bed.”

Women remarked on the physical characteristics of their most successful romantic partners, with 73% saying their finest experience was with a male with a beard.


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