Woman displays her hair makeover after bleach damage – but it cost £685.


Woman displays her hair makeover after bleach damage – but it cost £685.

HAIR extensions can be used to rapidly add length and volume to anyone’s hair. One woman expressed her gratitude for her metamorphosis, saying it has made her feel “far more secure.”

There are numerous types of extensions available, each with its own price and duration. Ellie, a model, told This Website about her remarkable hair makeover.

Extensions have grown in popularity over the years due to their ease of upkeep and lack of trouble.

Because celebrities’ hairstyles change so frequently, they frequently use extensions.

Model Ellie sought aid from a London salon after suffering from bleach-damaged hair.

London’s premier hair extensions specialists, Vixen & Blush, are known for generating natural-looking hair.

“This woman came to us with bleach damage to her previously long and thick hair,” the hairdresser claimed.

“She had let her own natural root grow out during lockdown and discovered that she preferred a darker root and that she didn’t want to undergo scalp bleaches at the salon because they were destroying her own hair quality.

“Instead, she visited Vixen & Blush to get hair extensions.

“We advised a 3/4 head of 20” micro ring hair extensions after bleach damage.

“The hair is fastened with small metal rings, which eliminates the need for heat or adhesive, and the removal process is straightforward and quick after three months.

“Also, because the same hair can be refitted multiple times, this is a fantastic upfront investment in top quality hair, knowing that it will be reused for a long time and will be more cost effective.

“The hair extensions will now not only cover the bleach damage for this customer, but they will also bear the brunt of any future heat styling, allowing the client’s own hair to recover.

“After three months, she will notice an improvement in the condition of her own hair.”

Customers can also use the ‘GROWYOUROWN’ service at the hair salon to assist them grow their own hair while wearing the hair extensions.

They accomplish this by recommending treatments, hair vitamins, and the appropriate products to aid in the stimulation of new hair growth.

“The 3/4 20” micro bonds cost £685 for a first time fitting, including the hair,” the hairdresser added.

“We use human hair from The London Hair Lab, which is of the greatest quality available.

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