Within just 15 minutes of screen time, Anne Hathaway won her Oscar


The best film talent and A-list celebrities in Hollywood dress to perfection every year to attend the prestigious Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars.

An Oscar is a prestigious award granted to the most talented individuals in Hollywood. Some actors have been trying to snag the coveted award for decades. Other actors, by comparison, tend to win an Oscar easily.

Without a question, Anne Hathaway is in the latter category; she won an Oscar for her appearance in Les Miserables, a movie in which she only had 15 minutes of screen time.

Anne Hathaway, who is he?

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With her role in the 2001 family comedy “The Princess Diaries” Anne Hathaway became a star and won the hearts of fans.

When she played Mia Thermopolis in her first film role, the budding actress was 17 years old; fans and critics were instantly captivated by her humor, wit and charm.

It was not long before Hathaway signed on for other prominent roles in the film, including The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement and Hoodwinked! In Ella Enchanted, the 2004 family comedy, Hathaway starred alongside Hugh Dancy and Cary Elwes.

In 2006, in the film The Devil Wears Prada, Hathaway appeared alongside Adrian Grenier and 3-time Oscar nominee Meryl Streep. Hathaway gave the overworked and underappreciated assistant, Andy Sachs, a spectacular depiction.

From the innocent and charming roles of her early career to more mature roles in films such as The Intern, Becoming Jane and Les Miserables, this iconic role directed Hathaway’s acting career.

In the comedy The Hustle, the renowned actress starred alongside Rebel Wilson in (2019). The Great Witch-in-Chief was most famously portrayed by the 38-year-old in the family comedy The Witches.

The role of Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables.

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“In the drama “Les Miserables,” Hathaway played Fantine’s heartbreaking role; she sang the almost five-minute iconic song “I Dreamed a Dream” with such raw emotion that the impact was unfathomable. She starred alongside Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe in this movie. To be captivated by Hathaway’s riveting depiction of Fantine takes no more than a few seconds.

The winner of the Oscar really poured her heart and soul into the role; she even lost 25 pounds and struggled to accurately portray Fantine’s unhappy life with the resulting health problems.

A wealthy student is impregnated out of wedlock by Fantine. As soon as he learns of Fantine’s pregnancy, he leaves her.

Fantine dearly loves her daughter, but she faces severe poverty and a series of awful hardships.

While the story of Fantine is absolutely tragic, Hathaway flawlessly portrays the character; she is truly a master of her craft.

The Oscar-Worthy Performance by Anne Hathaway

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BuzzFeed recently pointed out that Hathaway’s powerful performance in Les Miserables, a nearly three-hour film, was only 15 minutes long. In the 2012 film, however, Hathaway packed a soulful performance into each moment of her role. Hathaway won the 2012 Oscar for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role.” according to IMDb.

It is clear that Hathaway spent months training for the part, getting into character and perfecting her portrayal of Fantine, even though she only has 15 minutes of screen time. She made the most of every second she had and performed an Oscar-worthy performance for the audience.

With her first TV role in the show Get Real, followed closely by her first film role in The Princess Diaries, Hathaway got her start in 1999. With 45 TV and film roles and five other projects in different stages of production, Hathaway remains involved in the film industry.

In the forthcoming romantic comedy Lockdown, which will premiere on HBO Max on January 14, 2021, Hathaway stars.


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