Within days, Britain’s travel warning list will be reduced from 54 to nine countries.


Within days, Britain’s travel warning list will be reduced from 54 to nine countries.

THE COUNTRY’S TRAVEL RED LIST WILL BE REDUCED WITHIN DAYS, according to a GOVERNMENT SOURCE. From this week, British citizens will only be required to quarantine at a hotel upon their return from a limited number of countries.

The government’s traffic light system is being phased out in the coming days. The green, amber, and red lists will be phased out in favor of two, more straightforward listings.

According to rumors, the UK’s Covid travel red list will be cut to just nine nations in the coming days.

There are currently 54 “red” countries on the list, which were included because to high Covid rates and a delayed vaccine distribution.

Travelers from the UK who visited certain nations were required to pay for quarantine in a hotel upon their return to the UK, resulting in exorbitant charges.

However, as of this week, there will be fewer countries on the red list, making overseas travel easier for Britons.

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The UK’s green, amber, and red lists will be phased out on Tuesday, October 5 in favor of just two.

These will be red, and the rest of the world will be blue (ROW).

Travel to and from the red nations will still be subject to tight Covid regulations, but many popular places will now be more accessible to Britons.

In time for the October half-term vacation, South Africa, Brazil, and Mexico are anticipated to open up to quarantine-free travel.

Along with green and amber nations, Cape Verde and Indonesia are set to be removed from the red list and placed on the ROW list.

Thailand may also become a quarantine-free destination, although this isn’t a given.

On Thursday, October 7, the adjustments are likely to be announced.

Following this date, the existing red list will be updated every three weeks.

“We are expecting big reductions in the red list,” a Whitehall source told the Sunday Telegraph.

“On the list, there could be as few as nine countries left.”

Ministers wanted to avoid a policy that was “unnecessarily restrictive,” according to the source, who added, “Targeted quarantine will remain, but in fewer places.”

A second source confirmed that the red list will be “significantly” lowered.

All visitors entering the UK from a red-listed country must pay thousands of pounds to stay in a quarantine hotel for ten days, a requirement that. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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