With these FOUR top ways to battle mirror fog, you’ll be able to keep your mirrors from fogging up.


MIRRORS are prone to fogging up when we steam up the bathroom with a long, hot shower. As the weather drops outside, our mirrors are about to get a whole lot steamier – but how can you stop it from happening?

Keeping your mirrors clear from condensation and fogginess can seem impossible – especially during the colder months when hot showers are a saviour after a long day. Cleaning your mirrors with fog-preventing solutions is just one way to beat the steam, keeping your bathroom mirrors crystal clear even after bathing in the luxury of hot soapy water. Out-smarting the extra fog on surfaces in your home is easily done with these expert-approved top tips to keep your mirrors gleaming this winter.

When you’re in a rush, there’s nothing worse than a foggy mirror to bring your routine to a halt.

Wiping down a steamed up mirror just won’t do when you’re trying to shave or do your makeup in a hurry – the steam will just keep coming back.

While ventilation and air flow is one way to speed up the de-steaming process in your bathroom, there are a few simple solutions you can spritz to prevent the extra fog.

An expert from Victorian Plumbing has revealed the best hacks you can use for more clarity when it comes to your bathroom mirrors.


Bathroom expert, George Holland, from Victorian Plumbing told This website: “Opening windows in your bathroom is an easy way to prevent your bathroom fogging up, but in the colder months, this fresh breeze is probably not what you want when you’re after a nice warm shower.”

The shaving foam you’re trying to use while staring at a fogged-up mirror could be the very thing that could clear the steamy surface.

It might seem like a strange solution, but a thin layer of shaving foam spread across your mirror can stop excess condensation building on your mirrors for more than a week.

Dispense a small handful of foam onto the palm of your hand and dab it onto the mirror.

Use a clean cloth to spread it over the surface before wiping away with a dry cloth.

Make sure to use this sparingly as too much foam will leave you with a streaky mirror

Repeat every two weeks or more often if you notice it fogging up again.

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