With their continuous commentary “Hate each other,” Radcliffe and Cram enrage Olympic watchers.


With their continuous commentary “Hate each other,” Radcliffe and Cram enrage Olympic watchers.

PAULA RADCLIFFE and Steve Cram caused a stir among BBC viewers during Friday night’s Tokyo Olympics 2020 coverage, with many expressing dissatisfaction with their analysis.

The Tokyo Olympic Games began just over a week ago, but the 2020 competition will conclude in only a few days.

Olympic runners Paula Radcliffe and Steve Cram provided commentary on the women’s marathon on Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday morning.

The duo, on the other hand, seemed to provoke a backlash from BBC viewers, with many remarking that they didn’t seem to “like each other.”

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Others went on to say that watching the commentary was “painfully awkward.”

“I don’t think Steve Cram likes Paula Radcliffe very much!” one person shouted on social media in response to the commentary.

“This is an excruciatingly awful commentary pairing. He continues to snipe at her! #Olympics #marathon #olympicmarathon. (sic)

“I don’t know why, but I think Steve Cram and Paula Radcliffe want Molly Seidel to win the marathon,” another tweeted.

“It’s like listening to two estranged/divorced parents advocating their child,” they continued. #marathon #Olympics #bbcolympics The bias is absurd. (sic)

“Paula Radcliffe is one of the best marathon runners ever,” a third added, “but Steve Cram is attempting to dominate the commentary.” #olympics #bbcolympics #Tokyo2020,” he joked.

“I’m very sure Paula Radcliffe would prefer to stay in her own room after a difficult co-commentary during the women’s Olympic marathon,” a fourth said.

“I don’t think Steve Cram and Paula Radcliffe like each other,” wrote a fifth.

Another viewer retorted, “They despise each other!” The race is less fascinating than their chattering! When Bannister was spooked, that thing about him was pure David Brent.”

Others looked to be dissatisfied with the commentary.

“Paula Radcliffe was so desperate for the USA to win, her analysis was sad in its bias,” one Twitter user wrote. Her final silence conveyed its own story. I’m just disappointed that the Ethiopian didn’t win bronze.

“I’m not thrilled with the lack of recognition for the Gold and Silver winners here.” (sic)

“Can’t take Paula Radcliffe seriously in her #Olympics2020 commentary,” another said.

Radcliffe has traveled extensively throughout her career, having retired from competitive marathons six years ago.

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