With the launch of character transfers, the New World server status and queue times will improve.


With the launch of character transfers, the New World server status and queue times will improve.

THE NEW WORLD server is in need of some TLC, and Amazon has verified that the all-important character transfer feature will be available soon at no cost.

Queue times on the New World server are still a concern for the rush of players seeking to explore Aeternum this week.

The good news is that Amazon, which has been struggling to keep up with tremendous demand, has deployed new worlds and support.

New World servers were attempting to place up to 750K concurrent users at one point, a challenge that only the best games on the platform are capable of.

And, like with any major launch, there have been some New World server troubles that have irritated some paying users.

On the other side, all of the delays and release date adjustments appear to have put Amazon in the greatest possible position to manage the influx of players, as one fan noted online:“I hate to break it to everyone, but this is the best MMO release I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s incredible that they’re already introducing server transfers to allow more individuals to be with their pals. I already enjoy this game, but it has piqued my interest for the future.” “I’m incredibly grateful for the openness with this. Sure, they misjudge the game’s popularity, but they’ve done an excellent job of describing how they plan to address it.” “Server size is limited because everyone starts in the same areas,” says another. We need to wait until players are more evenly distributed around the map before allowing more in unless you want another 6k people snatching your kills and harvestables.” And the good news is that Amazon is planning to roll out some major adjustments soon, which should help things run more smoothly.

Character transfers are coming to the game, according to a recent announcement from the New World team.

And, according to a new update, New World server transfers could be completed by next week.

The whole statement can be seen below, and it contains all of the most recent information about the New World server’s status and what is being done to improve things:

“The New World community has had a tremendous week of growth. The demand has been enormous, and it continues to be so. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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