With the filming update ‘Back to work,’ The Blacklist’s Agent Aram Mojtabai causes a stir.


With the filming update ‘Back to work,’ Agent Aram Mojtabai of The Blacklist creates a stir.

Amir Arison, star of THE BLACKLIST, recently sparked a social media frenzy after sharing a major filming update.

After a huge clue from Amir Arison, who played Detective Aram Mojtabai, NBC’s thrilling series may have returned to production for an upcoming episode.

After sharing the filming update on Instagram, the Blacklist actor caused outrage among fans.

Despite the fact that The Blacklist season nine premieres today after a mid-season break, it appears that production on the tenth season has already begun.

“Back to work @nbcblacklist 2022 (hashtag)TheBlacklist,” the Aram star captioned a selfie of himself in a suit he shared on Instagram.

This selfie sparked a fan frenzy in his comments, despite the show’s lack of prior confirmations about an upcoming season.

While many people praised the actor, others expressed their excitement and tried to predict when the film would be released.

“Can’t wait! Looking forward to seeing it here in the UK,” Lewinsian said.

“I’m in love, waiting for season 9,” Lol0401lol added.

Iam_Aexiz wrote, “Can’t wait to see you again Aram.”

“Welcome back Amir, always lovely seeing your smile!” said imadjabi.

Amir Arison (@amirarison) retweeted this.

“Welcome Back,” wrote The Blacklist’s Instagram account, implying that season ten is in the works.

Viewers have seen six episodes so far, and if this season is anything like the last, there will be many more before the season ends.

With 17 episodes, season seven of The Blacklist was the shortest season since its premiere in 2013.

Season four was the longest with 23 episodes, while the others all had 22 episodes, demonstrating that fans still have a long way to go before season 10 arrives.

Raymond Reddington (James Spader) and his true identity have been the season’s biggest mystery, despite the fact that it has always been questioned.

After Liz Keen (Megan Boone) was fatally shot before opening a letter revealing his true identity, it became the show’s focus in the season eight finale.

Viewers were enraged because it meant the mystery would continue, but things may be getting closer this season.

When the current installment debuted in October, it featured a two-year time jump and was slowly revealing what each character had been up to during that period.

There have been numerous theories claiming that Red is Katarina Rostova.

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