With Strictly Come Dancing celebrities, Lisa Armstrong says she needs to ‘choose her battles.’


With Strictly Come Dancing celebrities, Lisa Armstrong says she needs to ‘choose her battles.’

Lisa Armstrong, the ex-wife of Ant McPartlin and a make-up artist on Strictly Come Dancing, revealed she has trouble getting professional dancers and celebrities on board.

Lisa Armstrong has revealed that she has to “choose her battles” with the celebrities and pros on Strictly Come Dancing.

Each night of the concert, the make-up artist is in charge of creating distinct looks for the dancers based on the dance they’re performing and the message they’re trying to express.

But things aren’t always smooth in her line of business, as Lisa – Ant McPartlin’s ex-wife – acknowledged to host Janette Manrara that celebrities frequently demand their own say in their appearance.

Janette enquired: “How concerned are athletes and celebrities with their appearance? They must, after all, have their own viewpoints, don’t they?” Lisa’s response was: “Yes, they do, without a doubt. And, of course, because they’ve been doing that routine for a week before we’ve even had a chance to see it, they’re already envisioning how they want it to look in their heads.

“So, when it comes to huge concept ideas, they come to us and say, ‘I was thinking this, could my makeup be like this…?'”

Lisa, on the other hand, was eager to dismiss the notion, explaining: “However, it is our responsibility to do so. So we want them to feel at ease, and we definitely listen to what they have to say, and you kind of collaborate because you want them to be pleased as well.

“But if we’ve got a specific idea we’re dead set on, we’ll say, ‘Can we just try this?’ First, let’s try it our way, dress-run it, and see how we feel.” “It’s a lot of people to make happy!” Janette commented. “Yeah, so you have to pick your battles!” Lisa agreed. This is a live television story that is being updated all the time.

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