With one non-alcoholic exception, Sydney Sweeney only drinks water.


With one non-alcoholic exception, Sydney Sweeney only drinks water.

If you’re familiar with Sydney Sweeney, you’re aware that she’s had a particularly hectic few years.

Sweeney, who has been pursuing acting for more than a decade, appears to have found her stride recently. Her roles in popular TV shows like Euphoria and films like Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood have helped her establish a name for herself.

Despite her busy schedule, though, the performer does not consume coffee.

Sweeney is kept occupied by a variety of things, including starring in shows like Sharp Objects and The White Lotus. She also runs a production company that consumes a significant amount of her time.

Currently, the Spokane, Washington native is working on The Players Table, a new show that she will both create and star in. Sweeney is also pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in business in the midst of all of this.

Sydney Sweeney made the decision to follow a rigorous beverage diet at an early age.

To keep up with Sweeney’s schedule, most people would rely on large amounts of coffee.

However, neither coffee nor tea are part of the actor’s diet. Sweeney, in fact, is almost entirely reliant on water. The Handmaid’s Tale actress made the decision to drink just water 12 years ago, and she hasn’t looked back since.

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In a recent interview with Bustle, Sweeney admitted, “I’ve never even tried coffee.” “I exclusively drink water – for whatever reason, when I was 12, I made the decision to just drink water and never looked back.” I adore water; it’s my passion.” When she’s fatigued, the ‘Euphoria’ actress eats sugar instead of sipping coffee. While Sweeney is picky about the beverages she consumes, she has a lot more leeway with the rest of her diet. She might have berries for breakfast one day and a cinanamon sugar and honey butter croissant the next. She’ll reach for sugar instead of a caffeinated beverage when she needs a pick-me-up. “Don’t get me wrong,” she explained, “I eat sugar, so everything balances out.” “If I’m weary, I’ll have Swedish Fish or anything gummy instead of coffee.” Sydney Sweeney’s Famous Character Books Could Be Published Sweeney confesses that her one and only water rule has some exceptions. Those exceptions, though, are few and far between. When… Breaking news from Brinkwire Entertainment.


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