With homage to female listeners, Jane Garvey bids farewell to Woman’s Hour


The presenter of BBC Radio 4 says 13 years on the show taught her a lot about feminism

Jane Garvey paid tribute to her “remarkable” listeners when, after 13 years of hosting the show, she hosted her last Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4. The presenter said hosting the show taught her more about feminism and that higher expectations are set for women. The horrible truth is that I heard about feminism and I was a feminist when I came to Woman’s Hour.

I decided to be a host on the radio and I became a host on the radio.

So I thought, “What are people complaining about? Emma Barnett becomes host of the Woman’s Hour of BBC Radio 4 Continue reading “Over the course of those disastrous 13 years, for all sorts of reasons, I’ve discovered that women have to be better, that we have to work harder, that it’s going to be harder for us.

I’m just grateful to have been able to play a small part in opening up a whole series of conversations. Her last show was about birth, death, long covid stories, and the “normal life grind of everyday life.” Garvey was interviewed about her time on the show by writer Elizabeth Day.

“After listening to a montage of clips from interviews with Penélope Cruz and Shirley Ballas on Frank Sinatra’s My Way, she admitted she got “a little nervous.” The 56-year-old said the decision to leave the show was one of the hardest of her life. “Because I should have stayed, the reason I’m leaving is.

I think sometimes, when it’s the last thing you want to do, the hardest thing is to adjust, but it’s definitely for the best.

For the software, that’s the best thing.

I mean it truly.” “A wonderful legacy”: Jenni Murray ends her tenure on BBC’s Woman’s HourRead moreShe also paid tribute to the show’s “steadfast” listeners. “[They are] exceptional.[They are] remarkable. We have men listening, men listening to rage, men listening to women in their lives, men listening to women and women in their lives, and that’s brilliant. In our female audience, we get emails from women in their 90s, ranging in age from 19 to 103. We get a cross-section of experiences and points of view. “Our female audience ranges in age from 19 to 103, we get emails from women in their 90s. We get such a cross-section of experiences and points of view. ” In the new year, former 5 Live host Emma Barnett would replace Garvey. Garvey denied claims that she was retiring, stating that in the spring she was doing a new interview series for Radio 4 and that her Fi Glover podcast will also air on the station. She added: “I’ll now forever be known as a former Woman’s Hour presenter, and that’s absolutely fine.”


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