With his first-ever jewellery gift, Prince William demonstrated his ‘commitment’ to Kate Middleton.


Prince William’s first-ever jewellery gift to Kate Middleton demonstrated his ‘commitment’ to her.

PRINCE WILLIAM and Kate Middleton had been dating for a few years before marrying in 2011.

William also showed Kate his “commitment” with a symbolic jewellery gift long before she received an engagement ring.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has an impressive jewelry collection at her disposal, which includes a wide range of beautiful gems and precious metals.

While the couple was still dating, Prince William gave Kate a special jewelry gift before she became a member of the Royal Family.

While studying for their undergraduate degrees at St Andrews in Scotland, Kate and William famously met.

Kate was frequently photographed wearing a rose gold ring during the early years of her relationship with Prince William.

Kate’s then-boyfriend gave her the stunning ring, which is made of pearls and garnets.

The ring is widely assumed to be William’s first jewelry gift to Kate.

Kate’s birthstone is garnet, while William’s is pearl.

Kate chose to wear the ring at her graduation in 2005, when the couple was about to leave the St Andrews chapter of their love story behind.

“This ring is no doubt very sentimental, and while Kate has a very high-value jewelry collection, this piece is priceless,” said Steven Stone’s leading jewelry experts.

“From the design, it appears to be from the late 1800s Victorian era, most likely set on a 15-carat gold band, which was the standard at the time.”

“It’s probably worth no more than £2,000 today, but because of the beautiful symbolism it contains, it’s one of our favorite pieces from Kate’s collection.”

Garnets are said to symbolize perseverance and strength, according to jewelry experts.

Garnets are also known as “commitment stones,” which gives William’s ring an extra layer of significance.

Also, pearls are thought to be a wedding gift, which could be a hint at William and Kate’s upcoming wedding.

Although Kate loved the ring in the early 2000s, she now prefers to wear a much more famous ring.

In 2010, William presented Kate with a ring that had belonged to his late mother, Princess Diana, and was extremely sentimental.

Diana was rumored to have loved the famous oval sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Princess Diana chose.

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