With FOUR new programs, GB News announces another shake-up just months after launching.


With FOUR new programs, GB News announces another shake-up just months after launching.

GB NEWS has announced that they would beef up its political coverage with the addition of four new programs to their programming calendar.

GB News has already had a few schedule changes since its introduction two months ago, with Andrew Neil taking a long sabbatical from the channel and Nigel Farage joining the presenter lineup. The station has now declared that specialized political programming would be launched.

Political Editor Darren McCaffrey, Political Correspondent Tom Harwood, and presenter and former Labour MP Gloria De Piero will also be added to the channel’s political team.

Three of the new shows will begin airing in the coming weeks on weekdays.

The Briefing: AM will be hosted by Harwood, while The Briefing: Lunchtime will be hosted by De Piero.

When Prime Minister’s Questions resumes, McCaffrey will be in charge of The Briefing: PM, while a fourth will take over.

The Briefing: PMQs, a weekly special report on Prime Minister’s Questions, will debut on September 8th and will air every Wednesday throughout Parliament’s session.

When Parliament is in recess, the channel’s already-popular Fantasy PMQs program will continue.

Interviews that set the topic, spirited debate, and smart analysis will all be featured in the new shows. Unlike most national UK television, they will focus on regional mayors and devolved governments in addition to Westminster.

“Politics actually important to the communities we serve, and our viewers tell us they value our fresh approach, especially the way we honestly listen to all sides,” said Chief Executive Officer Angelos Frangopoulos.

“As a startup, we set out to shake things up, and we’re doing just that.

“After only eight weeks on the air, we’re already adapting, learning from our audience, and expanding quickly. There’ll be a lot more.”

It comes just days after Patrick Christys was introduced as the channel’s new host.

On weekday mornings, Christys will take over for Colin Brazier and host To The Point with Mercy Muroki.

He has taken over for Brazier, who is now covering Neil’s role on GB News at 8 p.m.

Neil hasn’t said when he’ll be back after his summer leave, leaving his future on the channel in doubt.

Christys comes to the channel from talkRADIO, where he hosted Drivetime until Tuesday, making it one of the most popular programmes on the radio.

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