With Charles and Diana,’ The Crown’ took ‘artistic license’ but got 1 thing about Queen Elizabeth writing


“The Crown” season 4 put the spotlight on the late Princess Diana as we were brought to the 1980s by the fictional series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

According to Royal analysts, the Netflix series took some “artistic liberties” with Prince Charles and Diana’s relationship. It did get one thing right about Her Majesty, however.

The first three seasons of “The Crown” were more accurate, says a former royal chef.

For 15 years, Darren McGrady was the royal family’s personal chef.

He was specifically responsible for Charles and Diana’s meals for four of those years.

McGrady claims seasons 1 through 3 is even more historically accurate than season 4 since seeing the first four seasons of “The Crown,”

In compliance with OK! Magazine, McGrady acknowledged that the relationship between the pair was not as controversial as it was depicted in Season 4. He accused the creators of the show of having taken “artistic liberties.”

You see them arguing and fighting in Australia, but there they were happy,”You see them in Australia arguing and fighting, but they were happy there,”

McGrady added that at the annual Ghillies Ball of the royal family, “The Crown” did not correctly represent Charles and Diana’s interaction.

“I remember standing there watching Prince Charles and Princess Diana dance, and they were spinning and spinning, and the princess loved to dance,”I remember standing there watching Prince Charles and Princess Diana dance, and they were spinning and spinning and the princess loved dancing. So she took advantage of it and spun the prince more easily, and then he laughed harder and louder.

“And watching “The Crown,” seeing and thinking, “You do not know the whole truth.

One thing about Queen Elizabeth got the Netflix series right.

McGrady says that Charles and Diana’s relationship could not have been correctly represented by “The Crown”

But he says there’s one thing they got right about Queen Elizabeth – she likes poached salmon.

“McGrady noted, “The Queen loved poached salmon, she undoubtedly did,” before adding that Diana certainly did not.

The chef says he once told a charity that Diana was dining with a princess that she loved poached salmon. Nevertheless, the news reached the chefs in other kitchens, and they all began serving the dish to Diana everywhere she went.

Queen Elizabeth is a “chocoholic,” so before she does, do not touch your cake.

About four weeks later, he recalled, Diana came into the kitchen and asked him what lunch was like.

McGrady told her in reply that lunch was almost ready.

“She said, ‘Oh, please tell me it’s not poached salmon. What is it right now? Everywhere you go, everybody’s serving poached salmon!’ And I suddenly thought, ‘Oh my God, they’re telling everyone there’s poached salmon,'”

‘The Crown’ had one thing wrong with Queen Elizabeth, too.

An episode in “The Crown” season 4 is devoted to the meetings of Queen Elizabeth with all of her kids, where she tries to decide her favorite. Royal writer Sally Bedell Smith, however, claims this was a’ total fabrication.’ Smith told USA Today that this indicates that Her Majesty is not known by the writers of The Crown.

“The Queen meeting with her children to find out her favorite is a complete fabrication. It is completely out of character for the Queen to even remotely do such a thing and shows how little the writers of The Crown understand her,” Smith said. “It has long been speculated that Andrew is her favorite child, with no evidence to support that.”

Smith added that the Queen’s cousin, Lady Patricia Mountbatten, told her that it was Prince Edward if Her Majesty privately favoured any child. Edward and his wife Sophie are very close to Queen Elizabeth.

The royal historian argues that this is because, in “temperament and character.” he is most like the queen.

Smith also noted that Queen Elizabeth considered Edward her “little lamb” and she gave him “a special amount of love and warmth when he was a child.”

On Netflix, seasons 1 through 4 of’ The Crown’ are available.


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