With an update on a new project called “Wish me luck!” the showrunner of Queen of the South causes a meltdown.


With an update on a new project called “Wish me luck!” the showrunner of Queen of the South causes a meltdown.

Dailyn Rodriguez, the showrunner of QUEEN OF THE SOUTH, said on Twitter that she is about to propose a new project just a few weeks after the USA Network crime thriller ended.

The fifth and last season of Queen of the South has concluded, and US viewers have finally learned how Teresa Mendoza’s (Alice Braga) narrative concludes. Fans around the world are still waiting for the final episodes to be released on Netflix. With the star of the USA Network drama presently starring in DC’s The Suicide Squad, showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez has made an exciting news on Twitter.

Dailyn Rodriguez has said that she is currently working on an unnamed new television project.

On Friday, the writer and producer shared the newest news on Twitter.

“Pitching to studio today!” she said. Good luck to me!

“Faster turnaround to pitch to buyers = less notes. See @saraschaefer1 on Twitter.”

She has yet to provide any specifics about her new project or the studio to which she is pitching it.

In her current tweet, the writer also tagged Sara Schaefer, a fellow writer and comedian who just uploaded a satirical film about the difficulty of pitching a new series.

The head writer of Queen of the South recently saw the more ruthless side of the TV industry when her intended follow-up failed to go to series.

After the DC drama was first revealed in November 2020, it was confirmed in February of this year that Rodriguez’ Wonder Girl series will no longer be created for The CW.

Rodriguez rose to prominence as a writer for ABC’s smash comedy-drama Ugly Betty.

She became showrunner with Ben Lobato for the cartel series’ final two installments after joining Queen of the South as an executive producer for season two.

Now that Queen of the South has officially ended on the USA Network, it’s anticipated that the writer will have more success with her next project.

A number of Twitter users wished Rodriguez well when she made her recent announcement.

One fan responded, “You got this Fam.” “Take care of your bizniz.”


“You got this girl!” remarked another. You are such a source of motivation for me!”

Her revelation seemed to have put an end to any hopes that Queen of the South will return for a surprise visit. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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