With a surprise cameo, Loki clarified a theory from Thor Ragnarok.


With a surprise cameo, Loki clarified a theory from Thor Ragnarok.

Did you catch an appearance in LOKI episode 5 that was a blatant allusion to a comic book scenario that had previously been established in Thor Ragnarok?

The exciting fifth episode of the Disney Plus drama Loki featured the title character (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) fighting their way across the void to find out who is behind the TVA. Loki, on the other hand, had already visited the Loki League and observed how they lived beneath. Viewers were given a peek of Throg – Frog Thor during this introduction.

After Loki turned Thor into the beast, Throg featured in a 2009 Marvel comic book.

In Loki, a frog version of Thor is shown in a jar underground, exactly next to an abandoned Mjolnir, referencing the joke.

This bizarre chain of events was shown in the 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok.

When Thor (Chris Hemsworth) returned to Asgard in the film, he discovered Loki in command, dressed as Odin (Anthony Hopkins).

Loki was witnessing a dramatic recounting of his life story when Thor arrived.

He saw Fake Thor (Luke Hemsworth) and Fake Loki acting out the story (Matt Damon).

“I’m sorry about that time I transformed you into a frog,” Fake Loki apologized. “It was a fantastic joke!” said Fake Thor.

“It was indeed hilarious!” Loki (Odin) exclaimed.

Throg, as the green-skinned God of Thunder is known, first appeared in issue #365 of the Thor comic books.

T365 is written on a tag on the jar that carries Throg in Loki (Thor, 365).

The Mighty Thor used his electricity powers and a miniature Mjolnir to battle another group of frogs in the issue at hand.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the trickster has played a prank on Thor.

Thor also recalled a story about Loki transforming into a snake and assaulting him when they were toddlers.

A number of other references were added in the most recent Loki episode.

Viewers were treated to a glimpse of the famed Thanoscopter in particular.

Thanos utilized this helicopter in the comic books (Josh Brolin).

It has now been revealed that a variant form of Thanos owned it, despite the fact that it was never seen in the MCU.

The Guardians of the Galaxy’s spaceship was also seen, as was Yellowjacket’s (Corey Stoll) villainous helmet from Ant-Man.


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