With a nasty inquiry, James Martin leaves co-star red-faced: ‘What’s up your kilt?’


With a nasty inquiry, James Martin leaves co-star red-faced: ‘What’s up your kilt?’

JAMES MARTIN exchanged pleasant banter with colleague chef Nick Nairn on Monday’s replay of Island’s to Highlands after the ITV cook posed a crude question to his pal.

James Martin, 49, of ITV’s James Martin’s Islands to Highlands, traveled to Scotland for another installment of his show. While on the train to Scotland, he was joined by friend and Top Chef Nick Nairn, 62, for a delicious dining experience. Nick wore a kilt to pay honor to his hometown, and the duo dressed up in their nicest attires.

“Today I’m in bonny Scotland, and the launchpad of my epic voyage begins in Edinburgh at Wembley station,” James stated when introducing Nick.

“My mate and Top Chef Nick Nairn is waiting for me,” the two said before Nick responded, “What’s going on?”

“I knew you liked trains,” James replied, adding, “I adore trains, my grandparents used to live on trains, and this will be on your bucket list.”

“By the way,” James joked, “you were supposed to meet me with a bouquet of flowers.”

The two boarded the train and began their adventure through Scotland, heading for Perth and the Highlands of Scotland.

James and Nick were treated to a great dining experience while onboard the train, and they both dressed up in their finest attire.

James wore a complete suit as he walked down the train to meet Nick, who was dressed in traditional Scottish garb – a kilt.

He knocked and said, “Dinner’s up, look at you,” to which Nick replied, “It’s a kilt, have you never seen a kilt before?”

James played, “Spin round, let’s go for dinner,” before asking, “What’s up with your kilt?” “Do you have anything beneath that?”

Nick immediately replied, “No,” making James feel a little queasy, and then added, “Great, I’ve got to eat!”

The couple boarded the magnificent vintage dining car and were greeted by executive chef Mark Tamburrini, who prepared their supper for the journey.

“Is this the quiet before the storm?” says the narrator. “Just about yeah!” James joked as Mark responded with laughter.

“How long have you been working on the train?” James inquired. “I’ve been here for nine years,” Mark replied.

“Nine years!” exclaims the speaker. “And it’s more tough than working at a typical restaurant?” James asked, surprised.

“It has its challenges,” Mark admitted. “It’s the logistics of orders and constantly.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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