‘Wishes to be the top dog’ Kanan’s London is being raised. Brown dramatizes Marvin’s power struggles.


‘Wishes to be the top dog’ Kanan’s London is being raised. Brown dramatizes Marvin’s power struggles.

RAISING KANAN is finally here, as the Power universe continues to grow with the release of the third ‘book’ in the series. To find out more, This website chatted with London Brown, who will play Kanan’s uncle Marvin in the Starz drama, on landing the part and the ensuing power struggle.

The story of Kanan Stark (played by 50 Cent) was originally brought to life in the smash Starz drama Power, where audiences got a personal look at the New York drug dealer’s violent and devious tactics. Viewers will now be able to see the atmosphere and people who shaped Kanan (Mekai Curtis) as he learned the ropes of the NYC drug scene in the early 1990s in Power Book III: Raising Kanan. Marvin, the teenager’s no-holds-barred uncle, is one such individual whose influence has a lasting impression on him (London Brown).

Marvin is presented as the right-hand guy and brother of Kanan’s mother, drug queenpin Raq Thomas (Patina Miller), who not only keeps everything under control at home but also on the streets of New York.

When questioned about Ray and Marvin’s connection in Raising Kanan, Brown began, “First and foremost, Patina Miller, Tony Award-winner.” “She’s a formidable leading lady.

“And I’m really thrilled that this program is led by a woman because it speaks a lot about our producers and their ability to demonstrate diversity in that way. Man, she does a fantastic job selling the ship as the captain.”

“So she plays my youngest sister Raquel Thomas, or better known as Raq on the program, and I play the older brother,” he added, delving deeper into the roles.

“It’s an interesting dynamic because Marvin wants to be the one in charge. When he was in a position to make the decisions, though, he botched it.

“So my younger sister takes over and finishes it, and she finishes it.

“Anything that jeopardizes her career, anything that jeopardizes her son, she has zero tolerance for. And Marvin, he respects her, but they’ve had a few run-ins.”

“They definitely go at it a number of times,” Brown continued. But, in the end, I believe Marvin recognizes that she is unquestionably qualified.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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