Winter gardening hacks: An expert explains how to winterize your patio in three simple steps.


Winter gardening tips: An expert explains how to winterize your patio in three simple steps.

WINTER can wreak havoc on our gardens, with icy weather and heavy rain wreaking havoc on everything from lawns to patios.

What can you do to protect your garden patio from the elements as the season progresses?

Winter is far from over, and as the cold weather spreads across the country, pavings and patios are likely to bear the brunt of the cold.

Winter gardening necessitates the protection of your paving, and January is the ideal time to do so. This website spoke with a paving expert to find out exactly what you should be doing to maintain your garden patio this season.

While patio spaces in the garden are ideal for enjoying the summer sun, paved areas in the garden are frequently overlooked when the cold weather arrives.

Windy conditions and stormy weather are the main causes of leaf-clogged gardens, but freezing temperatures and heavy rain can cause serious damage to your garden paving.

“Before you can adequately protect your paving in the winter, it’s important to understand the threats that can arise,” John Gill, CEO of Infinite Paving, told this website.

“Rainfall is one of the leading causes of paving stone damage.

“During the winter months, we tend to get more rain, hail, and snow, which can be hard on paving stones.”

How to keep your patio safe during the winter

It’s critical to protect your patio during the winter months to avoid it becoming slippery or cracked, which can make it dangerous to walk on.

It’s critical to keep your paving in good shape all year so that you can enjoy it when the warmer months arrive.

According to John, there are three main steps you should follow to keep your patio looking fresh until Spring:

In the winter, water can damage your paving in a variety of ways.

Protecting against heavy rainfall is essential to avoid future issues with your paving, such as water stains and frozen droplets causing cracks in your patio.

“A sealant on your paving in the winter months is a good idea, and it’s fairly easy to apply, so you won’t need a professional to do the job,” John said.

“Sealing your patio will guarantee it.

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