Winds of Winter: AGOT predicted Jon Snow’s terrible fight with Ramsay Bolton.


Winds of Winter: AGOT predicted Jon Snow’s terrible fight with Ramsay Bolton.

WINDS OF WINTER picks up where A Dance With Dragons left off, with Jon Snow receiving a threatening letter from Ramsay Bolton. The two scumbags may clash in the upcoming book The Winds of Winter, but the battle’s fate may have already been hinted to in A Game of Thrones. Despite the lack of a release date, author George RR Martin recently provided an update on the novel’s progress.

The fate of Reek / Theon Greyjoy, who was taken captive by Bolton, is one of many narrative strands explored in George RR Martin’s Winds of Winter. Reek kidnapped the young bride and rushed away with her just as Bolton was about to marry ‘Arya Stark’ (actually Jeyne Poole in disguise). This spurred Bolton to write Jon at Castle Black a damning pink letter.

Jon Bolton had captured Mance Rayder, the former King Beyond the Wall, and he demanded the former king’s newborn son from the Night’s Watch, according to the pink letter.

Jon would never hand over a newborn child to a foe, especially one as cruel as Bolton.

He informed the Night’s Watch and the Free Folk that he intended to march to Winterfell and recover it from House Bolton after reading the letter.

A fan has speculated that the clash between Jon and Bolton has already been foretold, assuming he resurrects after being stabbed in the Castle Black Mutiny.

A passage from A Game of Thrones, the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, was highlighted by Reddit user Conchobhar97.

“One of [the dogs], a black mongrel bitch with long yellow eyes, caught a sniff of the chicken,” the paragraph continues. She came to a halt and reached beneath the bench for a share. Jon stood by and saw the altercation. The bitch stepped closer, growling deep in her throat. Ghost raised his head, silent, and fixed those intense red eyes on the dog.

“An enraged challenge was issued by the bitch. She dwarfed the direwolf youngster by three times his size. Ghost remained still. He stood over his prize, his fangs bared, and he opened his mouth.

The bitch strained, barked again, and then decided against fighting. With one final stubborn snap to save her pride, she turned and slunk away. Ghost returned to his previous position. ”Brinkwire Summary News,” as it is known.


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