Willie Nelson realizes what he should have done at Elvis Presley’s Las Vegas show.


Willie Nelson realizes what he should have done at Elvis Presley’s Las Vegas show.

ELVIS PRESLEY used to perform in Las Vegas, and Willie Nelson once came to attend The King’s concert and then had an epiphany.

Elvis Presley held residencies at the International Hotel in Las Vegas in the early 1970s. Celebrities were frequently in the audience, and Willie Nelson, who notably sang Always On My Mind, once went unnoticed to see The King. Georgaan Reynolds of the Elvis Country Fan Club, who knew Willie from Austin, Texas, relayed the story.

Reynolds told Elvis Presley specialist Billy Stallings Spa Guy how she was in line for the cheap seats at Elvis Presley’s Las Vegas show when Willie arrived.

When she inquired as to why he was there, the country singer said, “I came to see the man!”

Reynolds couldn’t recall the year, but Willie urged her to sit in one of the more costly curved booths with him.

She graciously declined, despite the fact that “the poor man” line had gotten her seats right in front of the stage.

“Elvis did not introduce Willie,” Reynolds explained. He didn’t look like Willie, so I don’t think he realized he was there.”

The explanation for this was that the country artist was well-dressed, with his hair freshly washed and styled.

“So we were coming out and Willie says, ‘Next time I’m coming in with y’all!’” Reynolds continued. Even though they were the cheapest seats, they provided a greater view than the booths.

Willie remarked in 2018 to Fox News, “Yeah, I met [Elvis] a couple of times.” Always on My Mind and Night Life are two of his works.”

Willie observed of Elvis’ troubles with popularity, “Well, it ain’t easy.” You’re in trouble once you believe it’s simple. You must desire fame in order to acquire it.

“And then you have to still desire it after you receive it.” When they acquire it, a lot of people say. ‘Wait a minute, this is excessive.’

Meanwhile, a film biopic of Elvis Presley is currently under post-production and will be released in summer 2022.

Baz Luhrmann, the director of Moulin Rouge, wrote and directed the next picture.

Austin Butler (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) will play Elvis Presley opposite Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker, The King’s manager.

“Brinkwire Summary News”, starring Olivia DeJonge as Priscilla Presley and Richard Roxburgh and Helen Thomson as The King’s.


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