Will there be a fourth season of Virgin River?


Will there be a fourth season of Virgin River?

The romantic drama series VIRGIN RIVER has released its third season on Netflix, and fans can’t get enough of it. Will the show, however, be renewed for a fourth season?

Season three of Virgin River did not disappoint, with fans enjoying one of the most memorable seasons of the Netflix series to date. By the end of season three, Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) are dealing with a new set of issues. But, in season four, would fans get to see more of the couple’s continued relationship?

Season three of Virgin River was one of the most exciting yet, with the ending teasing fans with more than one cliffhanger.

For many people, the finale has made the wait for season four agonizing, and they are hopeful that the premiere will not be too far away.

Netflix has yet to confirm the show’s renewal, and work on season four has yet to be disclosed.

Despite the lack of an official announcement, there are numerous hints that the show may resume production.

According to the June issue of ProductionWeekly, filming began in late June and is anticipated to end on November 30, 2021.

This corresponds to a July interview with RadioTimes in which Tim Matheson, who plays Doc Mullins, stated that production would begin “any day now.” Matheson explained: “Well, Netflix is fairly quiet about all that – I simply loathe to say anything that would disturb them [about].”

“From what I gather, it will be like any day now.” If these reports are correct, season four will premiere in early 2022 at the earliest.

Each season of Virgin River has arrived sooner than the previous, with a seven-month gap between seasons two and three.

For the time being, fans will have to settle for the suspenseful conclusion, in which Jack received the biggest shock of the series thus far.

Just before Jack gets down on one knee in the final seconds of season three, Jack and Mel are watching a California sunset.

Mel stops him in his tracks before he can say anything, announcing that she is pregnant.

Jack is both overwhelmed and delighted to hear the news, but he is perplexed as to why Mel believed it would be an issue.

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