Will the fifth season of SEAL Team be different now that it’s on Paramount Plus?


Will the fifth season of SEAL Team be different now that it’s on Paramount Plus?

With the recent announcement of a transfer to Paramount Plus, SEAL TEAM is changing after four seasons on CBS. But how unique is the show going to be?

After four great seasons on CBS, SEAL Team is moving to Paramount Plus. Some fans have applauded the move, while others have been irritated, and with it comes the possibility of alterations to the show. David Boreanaz, who plays Jason Hayes on Paramount Plus, has divulged some insights about season five.

Season five of SEAL Team was confirmed, along with the revelation that the show would be moving to a new location.

The show has traditionally shown on CBS, but beginning October 10, 2021, it will be only available on Paramount Plus in the United States.

Some supporters are concerned about the shift, but Boreanaz assures them that it is for the best and will result in exciting improvements.

Boreanaz, who plays Jason Hayes in the series, is also an Executive Producer on the show and has directed four episodes.

“The four episodes that we have on at work will be a terrific launching pad into the new world of streaming,” the star told TV Insider, “and I know we’ll be able to take our show to a deeper, darker level in terms of storytelling.”

“I’m looking forward to it, and it’ll be a terrific challenge for us, and I know the actors and crew are ready for it.”

The plot details for CBS or Paramount Plus have yet to be published, so we don’t know what this “deeper, darker world” is.

Boreanaz has also stated that the switch to a streaming platform will result in a change in the show’s whole format.

“The main difference is that there are no advertisements in the streaming world, so we could tell our story a lot better, I think,” Boreanaz remarked.

“I don’t want to say it’ll be completely different, but we’ll be able to go a little bit deeper, darker, and lighter in a number of places.

“You have the ability to be a little more creative, and you have a lot more screen.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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