Will Taylor of Emmerdale strikes up a friendship with an unlikely local in order to bring Meena to justice?


Will Taylor of Emmerdale strikes up a friendship with an unlikely local in order to expose Meena?

Will Taylor of Emmerdale tends to stay away from village drama that doesn’t involve Kim Tate or his daughter Dawn, but after actor Dean Andrews talked about where he’d like to see his character go, it appears that Will could be the one to expose serial killer Meena Jutla.

Dean has been playing Will in Emmerdale since 2019 and will be in the new Channel 5 series Our Great Yorkshire Life.

Dean teased what he’d like to see happen to his character in the hit ITV soap in an interview with This website, and suggested Will could use some male friendships in the village.

Could Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), the Home Farm estate manager, befriend Meena (Paige Sandhu), who is currently on to her for her suspicious behavior?

Since murdering Liam’s teenage daughter Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger) last year, Meena has continued to wreak havoc on the village, killing other residents.

She also held her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) and her young nephew Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) hostage, fearing that they would expose her crimes.

Liam, the village doctor, has recently noticed Meena’s strange behavior and is determined to figure out what’s going on.

However, he may require some assistance in dealing with the villain.

“It’s a difficult one, I’ve done some work with Jeff (Hordley), who plays Cain Dingle,” Dean told This website when asked what he’d like to see happen to Will.

“And Olivia (Bromley), who plays my daughter, is a joy to be around and has a bright future ahead of her, as does Kath (Dow Blyton), who plays the vicar, with whom I’ve collaborated extensively.

She’s amazing.

“Claire (King), who portrays Kim Tate, is fantastic.

“I don’t know a lot of the other ones; I’d like a little more blokey stuff, which I believe they’re attempting.”

“A little more of a laugh with a couple of blokes you know, getting drunk and talking about the usual stuff.”

“It’d be great if you could do that.”

It’s been difficult to gather a large group of people in a room during a pandemic.

“You know, we’ve just done a little bit of work together, a few boys.”

“It was nice, but there were only five of us in a room.”

“[We’re] a little afraid of bodies, but if we could, we’d do it.”

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