Will Slade reorganize? According to Noddy Holder, an ex-singer, “a miracle would have to happen.”


Will Slade reorganize? According to Noddy Holder, an ex-singer, “a miracle would have to happen.”

When bands break up, they usually blame a combination of money, drink, drugs, ego, and musical disagreements, according to glam rock great Noddy Holder. It was ALL of them, thanks to his own terrible behavior…

Noddy Holder is used to spreading joy as the lead singer of the chart-topping 1970s rock band Slade. Noddy’s distinctive attire – a tartan suit and a giant top hat with crazy mirrors affixed to it – remains one of the most popular fancy-dress outfits for fancy-dress parties thanks to his band’s colorful glam rock image. Merry Xmas, by Noddy and his band, is a Christmas hit from 1973. Everyone is as much a part of British culture as fish and chips, curry, and a pint of lager. Noddy has earned his blissful semi-retirement at the age of 75. He currently lives part of the year in Portugal with his wife Suzan, after six No 1 singles with Slade. Slade is the only cloud in the sky. Noddy hasn’t performed since leaving the band in 1992, and the four members of the heavy metal Slade are very certain to never reunite.

Even the prospect of a profitable reunion tour, Noddy concedes, would not be enough to entice fans.

“I don’t think it’ll happen with the band again. For all four of us to begin living in peace and love, a miracle would have to occur.

We might be sliding off our mortal coils by then, you never know.”

Guitarist Dave Hill, bassist Jim Lea, and drummer Don Powell continued in various lineups after Noddy left.

However, instead of the massive arenas that Slade starred in during their prime, they ended up performing vacation camps.

The band, which founded in the West Midlands in 1966, came to an end last year after a nasty dispute between Dave and Don.

“Every band splits up for one of five reasons: egos, money, booze and drugs, women, or musical differences,” Noddy said of the break-up.

With Slade, it was all five.” Noddy co-wrote the band’s singles with bassist Jim, including the bizarrely worded chart-toppers Mama Weer All Crazee Now, Cum On Feel The Noize, and Coz I Luv You.

“Jim wanted to take control in the studio,” he recounted. He insisted on telling us that he could write better tunes by himself. I eventually became bored of hearing it.

“I replied I’d move out of the way so Jim could do his thing.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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