Will Sarah and Tony overcome their friendly rivalry in ‘South Beach Love’?


Will Sarah and Tony overcome their friendly rivalry in ‘South Beach Love’?

‘South Beach Love’ is a delightful family, feel-good Hallmark movie about competing chefs, traditional Cuban cooking, friendship, family, and romance that follows a story of rival chefs, traditional Cuban cooking, friendship, family, and romance. The majority of the actors is of Latin descent, which contributes to the film’s authenticity. The film follows Tony Rodriguez and Sara Kelly, two chefs who prepare their respective nieces’ birthday parties and the events that follow.

Damian Romay directed this Hallmark romance film. Andrea Canning penned the teleplay, which is based on Caridad Pineiro’s Hallmark Publishing novel of the same name. Tony Rodriguez is played by William Levy, Sarah Kelly is played by Taylor Cole, Mateo Rodriguez is played by Roberto Escobar, Maria Sanchez is played by Jessica Pacheco, and Benita is played by Marina Catalan.

Brinkwire News’Taking the Reins’ Review: A Hallmark film that succeeds in making you feel good’Love Strikes Twice’ Full Cast and Crew: Meet Katie Findlay and other Hallmark movie stars. Tony Sanchez, the well-known executive chef of a high-end New York restaurant, is in Miami on a long-overdue visit. For the sake of his niece, the rest of his family, and his reputation, he’s dedicated to make the party the best it can be. Tony, despite his success, misses his homeland of Miami and wishes for his party to be highlighted for his family and fame so that he may build his own restaurant.

Sara Kelly, on the other hand, is not Cuban and had no prior experience with quinceaneras before agreeing to cater one for her niece. It’s an opportunity for her to help her family while also promoting her brand-new Miami restaurant, ‘Munch,’ and supporting women in need. Sara learns about quince traditions from her Cuban sister-in-law and appreciates the heart behind them. She makes an effort to learn while also putting what she has learned into practice. As the competition heats up, so do Tony and Sara’s rekindled feelings.

Sara’s main plot is around providing for her niece’s quinceanera, a Cuban celebration of a girl’s coming of age. When Sara’s ex-boyfriend, Tony, returns to Miami to cater for his own niece’s quinceanera, which happens to be the same weekend as Sara’s birthday celebration, things get a little complicated.

When Sara and Tony are pitted against each other for the cover of a local magazine, the situation becomes rather tense. Unfortunately, only one of the festivities will be featured in the local newspaper. And both cooks have more on their minds than merely proving themselves. Brief News from the Brinkwire.


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