Will Robert and Arek be able to create a life together in ‘Operation Hyacinth’?


While the ending of ‘Operation Hyacinth’ is open for interpretation, there is a plethora of unanswered questions

‘Operation Hyacinth’ is Netflix’s newest Polish drop, a must-watch movie that was recently released internationally. The movie is set in the 80s, while drawing inspiration from the secret mass operation conducted under the communist regime in Poland. The “Secret Police” held much of the power in communist countries. Having said that, the film focuses on the “pink files” that traumatized the LGBT community in Poland during that period.

The mission intended to create a nationwide database of all Polish homosexuals and those that associated themselves with the queer/LGBT community. The operation lasted for over 2 years and eventually saw the persecution of over 11,000 individuals – the “pink files” of which have still not been recovered to this day.

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The official reasons for this continuous questioning were to combat crime (such as prostitution) and to fight the AIDS epidemic. However, the more likely motive was to collect information that could be used to blackmail people into cooperating with the authorities. ‘Operation Hyacinth’ will easily have you give the movie all the stars! A crime thriller set in the ’80s, it’s a rather rare yet bold mix of plot twists, with the coming-of-age genre explored too.

The lead, Robert, undergoes a path of self-reflection, as he uncovers clues to a potential scandal. The effect is so new for him, which in time helps you see through the multiple layers of complexity that eventually makes Robert understand who he really is. Robert is a trained and skilled police officer, in charge of tracking a serial killer who targets homosexuals. In the course of his investigation, he meets Arek, a student majoring in German studies. Robert decides to use him as an informant, not realizing how much their relationship will affect not only his work but also his personal life.

That being said, judging by the trailer, the professional relationship between the two slowly start to blossom into something more. We see a very conflicted Robert in the trailer, and even when the investigation is deemed to be closed, Robert continues his pursuit to find the killer.

We see a great change in Robert’s character development and behavior when he starts to reciprocate Arek’s feelings towards him. Although he is guilty for feeling this way (what with being engaged to marry fellow officer Adrianna), he is committed to saving both his dignity and possible soulmate, from the worst-case scenarios.

After having solved the criminal case, Robert is. Brinkwire Brief News.


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