Will Ricky leave Virgin River to join the Marines in season four?


Will Ricky leave Virgin River to join the Marines in season four?

Season three of VIRGIN RIVER had a lot of cliffhangers by the time the finale aired, and Ricky’s prospective choice to join the Marines was one of them.

Over the course of three seasons on Virgin River, Ricky (played by Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey) has struggled with feeling invisible in the town, with the character considering joining the Marines at the close of season three. His future on the Netflix series is uncertain, as his decision was left open-ended after the third season’s credits rolled. Gurnsey recently shared his thoughts on what Ricky will do in season four.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed a fourth season of Virgin River, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating.

Viewers and cast members of the show have expressed their excitement for the fourth season, which features plenty of cliffhangers.

Ricky’s choice to leave town and join the Marines is one of the show’s potentially huge twists.

Ricky hasn’t made his decision yet, but all indicators point to him departing town for good at the end of season three.

The program is known for its surprising revelations and twists, and with Mel Monroe’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) baby crisis overshadowing season four, anything might happen to the rest of the characters.

Grayson, a Ricky star Maxwell Gurnsey recently spoke with The Permanent Rain Press on Ricky’s possible future in season four.

“Except for what they might have been told at the beginning of production, none of the cast understands what’s going on,” Gurnsey explains.

“Knowing from season to season, just don’t ask, you won’t get an answer,” the celebrity concluded.

Gurnsey did, however, explain what he would want to see Ricky accomplish in the upcoming season, drawing influence from the original Robyn Carr novels.

“[Ricky’s] arc is absolutely interesting to read in the books,” Gurnsey remarked.

“I believe he will join the Marines, but I believe the true test will be whether or not he will reconcile with Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale).”

Ricky and Lizzie’s relationship is currently up in the air, and it’s unclear where they’ll end up in the fourth season.

It’s unclear whether they’ll maintain their love relationship or simply be pals.

However, as Gurnsey points out in his article “Brinkwire Summary News,”


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