Will Netflix bring back The Cook of Castamar for a second season?


Will Netflix bring back The Cook of Castamar for a second season?

Season 2 of THE COOK OF CASTAMAR could be in the works, according to the success of the first season. Will there be a follow-up?

The Cook of Castamar is available on Netflix, and the captivating period drama has risen to the top ten in certain regions. The series premiered in Spain in February 2021 and was made available on Netflix in July to a global audience. This page offers everything you need to know regarding whether or not a second season will be produced.

The Cook of Castamar, also known as La cocinera de Castamar, is a novel that was adapted for television.

Fernando J Muez wrote the original source material, which is set in the 18th century in Madrid.

Clara Belmonte (Michelle Jenner) is an agoraphobic cook who falls in love with the Duke of Castamar (Roberto Enrquez) in this love story.

The series has not been renewed for a second season at this time, and it appears that the final episode of season one served as the series finale.

Due to the show’s popularity on Netflix, it may be restored for a second season.

If Netflix approves a second season, viewers would most likely have to wait until 2022 to see the results.

A new season would take a long time to develop because the first season consisted of 12 episodes, each lasting roughly an hour. The first season took four months to complete.

For a second season, there’s a chance the streamer will reduce the episode count to 10 or perhaps eight.

There is currently nothing in the works in terms of filming, but fans should never rule out the possibility.

“I need Season 2 of The Cook Of Castamar!” one Twitter user exclaimed.

Jennet and Enrquez will return in some capacity if the series is approved.

Hugo Silva plays Enrique de Arcona, Mara Hervás plays Amelia Castro, and Jean Cruz plays Gabriel de Castamar in the series.

“The Cook of Castamar is in the top 10 of Netflix in 61 countries, thank you!” Jenner wrote alongside a photo of her character on Instagram.

At the 23rd Iris Awards in 2021, Jenner and Enrquez were both nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress.

The Duke finds Clara and “Brinkwire Summary News” at the end of the first season.


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