Will Melendez be back for season 5 of The Good Doctor?


Will Melendez be back for season 5 of The Good Doctor?

In a few weeks, Season 5 of THE GOOD DOCTOR will premiere, but will Dr. Neil Melendez return?

The Good Doctor has always had a tragic element to it, but never more so than in season three, when viewers were saddened to learn that Dr. Neil Melendez would be leaving the show (played by Nicholas Gonzalez). It was made worse by the fact that he was starting a new relationship with Dr. Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) at the time. However, with the fifth season of the ABC series approaching, some fans are wondering if he will appear in any new episodes.

Melendez died abruptly at the end of season three of The Good Doctor.

He was in a building that had begun to break apart as a result of a major earthquake that had devastated the city.

Melendez appeared to be unharmed at first, but he was struck by debris during a secondary earthquake.

Melendez was transported to the hospital to make sure he was well, but then the unexpected occurred.

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Claire and Melendez proclaimed their love for each other in the hospital, but he died from his injuries shortly later.

As he drifted off, Claire sobbed at his bedside as the bright doctor died of septic shock.

Fans expected this would be Melendez’s final appearance, making the series finale even more difficult for some.

Melendez actor Gonzalez did, however, return in season four, to to the surprise of many.

In the fourth series premiere, Frontline Part One, it was clear that Claire was having trouble moving forward.

She hears a voice saying “everything will be okay” and turns around to see Melendez during a quieter scene in the show.

Of course, this was a fabrication of her imagination because he had died, but it was all she needed to keep going.

Gonzalez jumped at the opportunity of a return, according to executive producer David Shore, according to TV Line.

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“I’ve always thought it’d be good to have a time to bring him [Melendez] back, to bring Melendez’s spirit back in some way,” Shore remarked.

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