Will Jason Hayes get demoted in Season 5 of SEAL Team?


SEAL TEAM is back for its fifth season, with the first episode focusing on each character’s emotional state. Jason Hayes takes centre stage again, only this time he is struggling in the job.

SEAL Team is known for its character drama as much as its action set pieces. Each member of the team gets their time to shine, but it is Jason Hayes (played by David Boreanaz) who is the focus of most of the show. During season four on CBS, he started to suffer from headaches and memory loss, which is now a persistent problem in season five. This could threaten his position on Bravo Team.

It will be no surprise to SEAL Team fans that the team is going through a lot emotionally at the start of season five.

However, Jason Hayes is suffering, not just emotionally, but also physically, especially after the events of season four.

Now the team is facing a new mission that will take them to North Korea, and during the first episode of season five, each member of Bravo Team were preparing themselves before the launch.

Throughout the episode, Jason can be seen physically suffering from his headaches, something Clay (Max Thieriot) shows some concern over.

Yet it is Jason that is worrying the most as he doesn’t want to be the reason some of his team gets hurt or even killed.

The stresses of the job have been building for Jason throughout the first four seasons, and it looks as though it is culminating in season five.

Clay tried to reassure Jason that it isn’t as bad as it seems, but that doesn’t do much to stop him from worrying.

If it is found that Jason’s headaches are getting in the way of his job, it would likely lead to a demotion, or even a discharge from the team.

His headaches have been leading to some signs of memory loss, something that would have major ramifications for the rest of the team.

Clearly, Jason is suffering from TBI (traumatic brain injury), which he will need to seek treatment for.

While some forms of TBI can be permanent, sufferers can recover from it.

How this will play out across season five remains to be seen, though Bravo’s main concern now is their next mission.

Ahead of episode two, the team is dropping into North Korea to recover. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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