Will France be added to the “red list” of countries? Tourists will be subjected to new quarantine regulations.


Will France be added to the “red list” of countries? Tourists will be subjected to new quarantine regulations.

THE BETA version is gaining popularity in France, but will France be included in new recommendations for quarantine-free travel from countries on the Amber List for those who are completely vaccinated?

From July 19, British citizens who have been twice vaccinated will be permitted to travel to amber list countries without being quarantined. This move is part of the ‘Freedom Day’ plans, which call for all legal Covid limitations in England to be eliminated on that date.

From Monday, France was expected to be included in the plans to eliminate the necessity to quarantine amber list destinations.

However, many vacationers will be dismayed by the government’s declaration on Friday evening that France may be left out of these plans.

This is due to recent data showing an alarming increase in occurrences of the Beta type in the country.

This means that travelers from France will still be subject to a 10-day quarantine period when they return to the UK.

Rather of being placed on the red list, where travelers must adhere to severe Covid restrictions, the country will remain on the amber list.

On days two and eight after arrival, Brits must additionally do a Covid test.

If they have another test that comes back negative, they still have the option of ending seclusion early on day five.

The abrupt shift in messaging has enraged many British tourists already in France, as well as most of the travel industry in the UK.

Easyjet’s CEO claimed that it “pulls the rug” from British tourists already in France.

“The traffic signal system is crumbling, and the administration is making it up as they go along, producing confusion and uncertainty,” he continued. It isn’t backed up by science or statistics that can be seen.”

The government has defended its choice, but there are concerns that the new Beta form, which has spread throughout France, would have an influence on the UK’s viral recovery.

Scientists are concerned that immunizations against the Beta version would be ineffective.

After returning to England from an amber list country, UK residents who have been doubly jabbed will be eligible to bypass quarantine starting Monday.

Quarantine will not be required for anyone under the age of 18 who is not currently eligible for the vaccine.

This implies that when Brits return from popular vacation destinations like Spain, the Bahamas, and Greece, they won’t have to isolate themselves.

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