Will Candiace and Chris Bassett’s marriage make it through the season of ‘RHOP’? ‘No way,’ say the fans.


Will Candiace and Chris Bassett’s marriage make it through the season of ‘RHOP’? ‘No way,’ say the fans.

‘Chris and Candiace won’t last long because she’s too childish. I can’t believe she was on Obama’s campaign with the way she acts,’ a ‘RHOP’ fan remarked.

Will Candiace and Chris Bassett’s marriage be another “Real Housewives of Potomac” collateral? After witnessing the couple’s constantly rising tension, viewers believe it’s only a matter of time before the private chef departs the housewife. Several unpleasant moments between the couple were portrayed in a recent episode of ‘RHOP.’

Candiace and another housewife Mia Thornton got into a furious argument over ‘poor budget’ remarks, which started it all. Candiace was irritated when Mia referred to her music video shoot as “low budget,” and Mia was irritated when her co-star referred to her mother as “low budget.” Soon after, the ladies began tossing salads and shattering objects in a fit of rage. The men were summoned to deal with their enraged wives. Gordon Thornton, Mia’s husband, listened calmly to his wife’s complaints about Candiace and consented to her desire to return home. Chris, on the other hand, dragged Candiace outside and scolded her for reacting to Mia’s remarks.

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‘Did Dorothy foot the bill for Candiace and Chris’ house?’

Fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County call out ‘nasty’ behavior.

‘How much money does Candiace Dillard Bassett have?’

The Real Housewives of Orange County star formerly worked for Barack Obama.

Chris advised his wife to rise above little grievances and to grow as a person by letting go of some things. Despite his pleas to make amends with Mia, Candiace refused to do so, but happily she did not have another argument with her fellow housewife. The peace was short-lived, however, as Candiace and Ashley Darby got into another nasty battle later that day. Candiace didn’t like Ashley reminding Chris and her about some of the comments they’d made about Michael in the past, both on and off camera.

While Chris tried to calm the situation by offering Ashley and her husband an olive branch, Candiace continued to add fuel to the fire, and the two women soon got into a screaming match at a restaurant where they were all dining. Candiace refused to apologize or acknowledge some of her harsh tweets against Michael and Ashley, which escalated the situation. When Ashley inquired about Candiace’s tweet in which she apparently referred to Michael as a’slave driver,’ she openly wondered if her co-star was referring to her as a slave. Chris told Candiace not to respond and to get out of the way, but she insisted on sitting there and continuing her verbal assaults on the Darbys.

A irritated individual Chris got to his feet and walked out of the restaurant by himself. Brinkwire Brief News, Askale Davis’.


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