‘Wild camping is prohibited,’ says a camper, who adds that it’s’really lovely’ to do it without breaking the law.


‘Wild camping is prohibited,’ says a camper, who adds that it’s’really lovely’ to do it without breaking the law.

CAMPING is a popular choice for a UK vacation, and wild camping is gaining popularity as well. Wild camping is, however, prohibited in most parts of England and Wales. Grace Kelly of Grace’s Adventures spoke with this website about the legal way to wild camp.

Going on a camping vacation is a thrilling experience.

Camping is becoming more popular as a result of a return to nature, the great British outdoors, and a spirit of adventure.

Camping has been “one of the only options people have had,” according to Wildpoint’s Oliver Windle.

Many Britons took to the outdoors as a result of the development of staycations and Covid restrictions, which had a massive impact on the sector.

Pitchup.com claims to have sold 1.6 million UK trips worth £57 million in the last year.

“Over the course of the pandemic, the outdoors have become everyone’s best friend,” Oliver remarked. It was the safe haven for all of us.”

With the camping sector expanding at a breakneck pace and a renewed interest in the great outdoors, Brits who want to do things a little differently may be tempted to go wild camping.

While there is arguably no better way to reconnect with nature than to set up camp in the middle of a forest or on the summit of a mountain, there is the minor issue of legality to consider.

“For me, I got into wild camping recently, and the one difficulty is that it is legally illegal,” Grace Kelly of Grace’s Adventures said.

“You can’t just show up anywhere,” says the narrator.

“It doesn’t stop people from doing it,” she continued.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it as long as you leave no trace and don’t cause any problems.”

Grace has tented in the outdoors “in various locales,” including the “tops of mountains.”

Wild camping isn’t truly an alternative to camping for law-abiding Britons, even if there aren’t many other options while ascending a mountain.

Private camping is a fantastic alternative for Grace, and she admitted she was a convert following a stay at a Wildpoint site.

“It was good to know you have permission,” she remarked.

“You don’t have the worry that you’ll be asked to leave halfway through the night?

“Being on privately-owned land was extremely wonderful and reassuring, and as a female who does solo wild camps, there’s also the extra safety of knowing that someone owns the area and understands what’s going on.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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