Why was this “Little House on the Prairie” alum “more than a little scared” to work again with Michael Landon?


In 1974, Bonanza star Michael Landon produced the famous “Little House on the Prairie” family drama. Landon was recognised as the series’ executive producer and lead actor for his charming sense of humor and ability to run a tight ship.

She was worried that she may not be up to his expectations when a former co-star was offered a guest spot on Landon’s new NBC series, “Highway to Heaven,”

After “Little House, Charlotte Stewart had tough times.”

Charlotte Stewart played Walnut Grove teacher Eva Beadle during the first four seasons of “Little House on the Prairie,”

Stewart’s life spiraled after her character was written out of the series in 1978.

“That was a really horrible time for me,” she told the Star Tribune in 2016. “In the early ’80s, my business manager had managed to hijack a lot of my money, and I couldn’t get any more jobs.”

Speaking candidly about her addiction to drugs and alcohol, Stewart announced that she was committed to sobriety and started searching for significant acting roles.

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“The ‘Little House’ alum noted, “I spent so much time playing games.” “People were trying to support me, but I didn’t want to hear what they were doing.

Typical of addicts, that is.

‘Little Home’ co-stars in’ Highway to Heaven’ reunited

Stewart managed to get her life and career back on track, and a two-part guest spot for Landon’s “Highway to Heaven.” series was offered in 1985.

“In her book Little House in the Hollywood Hills: A Bad Girl’s Guide to Becoming Miss Beadle, Mary X, and Me, Stewart explains: “As with Little House, Mike played several roles in that series – executive producer, creator, director, and star,” Stewart explains. “Almost the entire Little House crew had relocated with Michael to Highway to Heaven. … So I knew what I had to expect.’

On the set of Little House, Stewart remembered excessive drinking, where sobriety was not deemed a positive trait.

“I liked Mike a lot, but she revealed that he could be a difficult guy to work with on the right days. “I knew that one of the adult cast members had stopped drinking at Little House, gone to rehab and never mentioned it.” … On the set of Little House, there was quite a bit of drinking between Mike and the crew. … It would be like a weakness being revealed if Mike learned that this actor had stopped drinking.

For Charlotte Stewart, ‘Highway to Heaven’ was a ‘good challenge’

Stewart was apprehensive about working with him again, despite having a friendly friendship with Landon during their years at Little House.

All of my scenes were with Mike, who was directing as well, and I was very nervous,” she said. “As always, he was very easygoing, trying to joke around and chat in between takes… I just had to concentrate on my role and my lines, and I was honestly more than a little scared that I was going to screw up.

Although when she stepped into the role, she had her fears, Stewart mastered the part and enjoyed her reunion with Landon.

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We got through it, fortunately, and all was perfect,” said the “Small House” star. “I was definitely thankful to Mike for the job. … Shooting this episode was ultimately a healthy challenge that encouraged me to take risks and regain my confidence.


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