Why was Dog the Bounty Hunter sued in the first place? During the Laundrie search, Docs were slapped with a $1.3 million lawsuit.


Photos capture celebrity bounty hunter being served court papers during the search for Brian Laundrie in Florida, reportedly being sued for over $1m

Dog the Bounty Hunter is in the news a lot these days. The TV personality made headlines weeks ago when he joined the hunt for Brian Laundrie and has since dominated the headlines. From the viral photo of him knocking on the Laundries’ door, to him wading in the swamp at Carlton Reserve, we’ve got plenty of viral moments over the past few days, and now we have another to add to that list.

While on the hunt for Laundrie, Dog, whose real name is Duane Lee Chapman, was served with a $3.1m lawsuit. It’s a tough break for the celebrity bail bondsman, who has made some grim developments in the Laundrie case. On October 2, he got the backing of Donald Trump Jr, who said he had more faith in him than the FBI. In fact, he’s gotten so popular since joining the hunt, he’s reportedly being flooded with offers to return to TV.

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However, it appears he’ll have to hold off on his small screen return for now. It’s not just the Laundrie case keeping him busy, but a court case too. The troubles appear to stem from his once-popular A&E show, with some truly damning allegations against him.

Why has Dog been sued?

According to The Sun, Dog’s being sued for breach of contract, stemming from his use of “racial and homophobic language”. The suit was filed by Michael Donovan, the CEO and President of Unleashed Entertainment. According to the suit, Donovan says Dog was fired from the show ‘Dog Unleashed’ after the team discovered he used “racist” and “homophobic” language at Black Lives Matter activists.

It’s unclear where and when Dog used the language, but it may have been in Virginia. The suit also says Dog “illegally holstered and wore a taser device during filming in Virginia, which is illegal in the Commonwealth considering Chapman has been convicted of a violent crime.” Reportedly, he used the taser to intimidate someone on his way home. It’s unclear if this is the same incident in which Dog allegedly used racist and homophobic language, or if they are two separate incidents. In any case, Dog and Donovan decided to part ways and the show was canned.

Back in April, Cinema Blend reported that Dog used the show’s marketing materials to generate “ill-gotten profits” of over $100,000.. Brinkwire Brief News.


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